This Batman Themed Mod Transforms Doom 2 Into Gotham City

Doom is a name that every gamer has probably heard at some point. But when you stop and realize that the game is almost 30 years old, you’ll notice that even in this day and age, when slightly bad graphics earn you a negative review, people are still creating mods for it and finding ways to make it exciting to play.

When it comes to multiplayer games, Doom was THE game that paved the way for the rest of the industry. The game itself actively promoted the use of mods. Furthermore, at a time when the gaming industry was just beginning to rise, Doom appeared to have mastered everything, from complex-level designs to accurate shooting mechanics.

The first gameplay trailer for Batman Rogue City, a mod for the classic FPS Doom 2: Hell on Earth, featuring the Dark Knight and a number of well-known villains, was released by Team RayCast. The Doom 2 modding community is working hard to make the game interesting to play and turning it into a full fledge Batman experience.

There has been no announcement regarding when Batman: Rogue City will be made available. However, a public beta is coming “soon,” the developer says. Thus, keep an eye on its Moddb page to download it and keep in touch with all the latest information.

There are eight Batman-themed levels, and you get to drive around in the Batmobile. Considering how long ago this game was released, this is quite a feat. Further, there are over thirty villains and bosses to face in this mod. In addition, Batman: Rogue City isn’t the first Batman/Doom crossover. The ACE team, best known for their Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash series, originally released a modified version of Batman: Downfall in 1999.

Leave your thoughts on this mod and whether or not you think it’s worthwhile to continue working on mods for such dated games as Doom.



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