Don’t Starve Late Game Characters


Woodie is the 6th unlockable character of the game. He is unlocked by gaining 1600 exp or by surviving 80 days in game. Woodie has 150 health, 150 hunger and 200 sanity.

Woodie has a special axe called Lucy the Axe who talks to Woodie and motivates him to chop trees and also warns him about the ‘curse’ if he chops too many. Lucy has an infinite durability and chops trees faster than a normal axe but does lower damage.

If Woodie chops too many trees in a short period of time, or if it is a full moon night, he will transform into the Werebeaver.

Woodie in his Werebeaver form

Upon entering this form, Woodie will drop every item in his inventory including equipped items such as backpacks and football helmets.

During this form, Woodie can destroy trees, plants and wooden objects very quickly and his main stats will be replaced a “beaverness meter”. This meter depletes as the player stays in Werebeaver form, or takes damage and can be refilled by eating plants and logs. Once this meter reaches 0, Woodie will exit Werebeaver mode and wake up then next day with 50 health, 37.5 hunger and 50 sanity.


The best way to utilize Woodie’s curse, that I have found, is to enter Werebeaver mode in a forest and cut down a lot of trees to stockpile a large supply of wood. Another trick is to force yourself into Werebeaver form once your health and sanity are below 50 and hunger is below 37.5. This means once you exit werebeaver form, your stats will have actually increased to the above values.


Wes is one of the two characters that are unlocked by playing Adventure Mode. He can be unlocked by finding and rescuing him in adventure mode. Wes is a French mime who does not speak. He has arguably the worst stats in the game and he is the most difficult character in the game to play. Wes has 113 health and hunger, and 150 sanity. He loses hunger 25% faster and deals 25% less damage overall.

His special ability is a Pile o’ Balloons which can be inflated at the cost of 5 sanity per balloon. These balloons can be used to lure mobs or be used as decoys. When a balloon is attacked, it deals 5 damage to the mob that destroyed it.

Do not play Wes unless you are an experienced player who likes a challenge.


Maxwell is the other character that can only be unlocked via Adventure Mode. To unlock him, you will have to complete Adventure Mode.

Maxwell has 75 Health, 150 Hunger and 200 Sanity. He starts off with a Dark Sword, Night Armor, a Purple Gem and 4 Nightmare Fuel.

Maxwell has a natural rate of sanity regeneration of 20 per minute. He has a special book called the Codex Umbra which, upon reading, will summon a Shadow Puppet at the cost of 15 Health, 2 Nightmare Fuel and 55 maximum sanity. Maxwell can summon up to 3 Shadow Puppets which will last for about 2.5 days each. These puppets will assist the player in combat, mining and chopping wood. Once a puppet has died, Maxwell’s max sanity will restore by 55 points.

A Shadow Puppet


Due to his natural sanity regeneration, farming shadow monsters for nightmare fuel can be difficult as you need to keep sanity a below a certain point. A trick that I use is to summon 3 Shadow Puppets so that your max sanity is reduced to 35, then you can fight the shadow monsters with the added benefit of combat assistance from your shadow puppets.

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Don’t Starve Late Game Characters

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