Dolby Dimension Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Dolby has been an easily recognized name in home audio for a considerable period of time because of its innovation showing up in everything from surround sound system to gaming headsets. The organization has, for the most part, avoided delivering its very own items, however, instead of concentrating on improving basic innovation for use over the business.

Dolby Dimension Wireless Bluetooth Headphones



  • Excellent Audio
  • Active Noise Cancellation with Lifemix
  • Head Tracking 3D Audio


  • Expensive
  • No wired cable
  • No USB-C

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Connectivity: Bluetooth | Bluetooth Range: 33 meters | Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz with custom Dolby EQ | Driver type: 40mm Custom | Weight: 330 grams

VERDICT:The stylish and elegant Dolby Dimension Bluetooth headphone that has been designed for the home amusement experience, costing you around $599, which is a bit expensive. Indeed, you can wear it around the streets, yet the thought behind it is to have the option to get the best cinematic sound from your TV and cell phones at home without irritating anybody around you. While it's somewhat heavy at 11.6 ounces (330 grams), it's still comforting on wearing and looks and feel swanky.

Meet the Dimension

Presently Dolby has set out with its initial set of headphones, the Dolby Dimension. These over-ear Bluetooth headphones are extremely expensive at $599, principally planned for audiophiles who need to tune in movies, music, and TV at home. They’re stacked with advanced audio technology, including active noise cancellation, head tracking 3D audio handling, and a component called Lifemix that lets you actively tune in to your environment and your media at the same time.


The Dimension headphones look easy to the point of moderate, with little visual style or superfluous edges or accents. The oval ear cups are huge and basic, with totally plain matte dark plastic backs. The over-ear earpads are delicate, extravagant adaptable foam covered in supple faux leather, which put forth past the earpads themselves to totally fold over the sides of the earcups. The metal headband is likewise cushioned and wrapped, with a flat dark metal spread running over the top. To accomplish this degree of solace,  some companies may hold back on materials and select progressively plastic to decrease weight but Dolby did not.

Classy design

The right ear cup holds the controls, covered up by the moderate dark design. There are three decorated lines and an embossed circle on the side of the earcup, behind the right ear. The circle flips the headphones’ sleep mode, and the three lines relate to three separate Bluetooth connections. You can pair your mobile to the bottom line, your PC to the middle line, and your game system to the top line and switch between them with a tap. Four lines of white LEDs are hidden up between the sides of the ear cup and the back panel, illuminating to demonstrate which connection is active. At last, the whole back panel of the right earcup is a touch-delicate control pad. You can swipe here and there to modify volume, left and appropriate to change tracks, and tap to pause or play. Swipe controls on headphones are sometimes awkward, uncertain, and baffling, yet the Dimensions’ are somewhat more responsive than others you have ever tried.

A micro USB port sits simply under the touch panel on the right earcup for charging the headphones with the included wall adapter and USB-to-micro USB cable. Two contacts on the base of the left earcup keep the headphones charged and settled in the included charging dock. The charging dock is plain dark support that matches the headphones’ appearance. The left earcup aligns the contacts on the headphones to the contacts on the cradle to keep them connected and charging through a magnet. The magnet likewise holds the headphones themselves vertically, tilted at a slight point and can be easily removed for use. The headphones consequently go into sleep mode when in the support and wake up when it is removed.


Dolby totally stacked the Dimension with amazing features that include Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), transparency. Dolby names it as LifeMix. Dolby LifeMix™ gives you a chance to control the amount of sound you want from your surroundings, from an ideal mix of your amusement and life around you (Transparency) to close out the world (Active Noise Cancellation).

Unique Charging Dock

This implies you never need to feel like you’re yelling while a show or music is playing in your ears. It may not appear to be a noteworthy thing, however, trust me, it’s pleasant to know precisely what volume you have to talk at, particularly when regardless you have headphones on. Not only this it has unique features like Virtualization, which can copy surround sound for your preferred movie and shows.

Dolby Dimension App

Dolby says Virtualization is so exceptional it can peruse the sound source and change how much digital improvement is required on the fly. Cinematic sound breathes life into all your entertainment to life with a sound that is far-reaching yet nuanced.

It’s an experience no one but Dolby can convey! It is driven by a Snapdragon processor, virtualization innovation gives a 3D, surround-sound-like audio profile. It’s not Atmos, however, the Qualcomm chip offers the power expected to do some mixing that imitates the organization’s unblemished sound standard.

The Dolby Dimension App helps you to set your LifeMix level, managing your devices, toggle low power mode, adjusting cinematic sound and many more. You can easily personalize your experience. There’s likewise a head-tracking feature, which is an amazing feature. Head tracking is likewise part of the show on the Dimension, which upgrades generally listening experience by giving you a superior sense for where the sound is coming from. For instance, if you turn your head to the right so that your left ear is confronting the TV, Dimension will alter and put the greater part of the TV sound on the left side. The head tracking likewise assists with surrounding sounds. Not only you would be able to hear what’s happening around you, but you can pin-point those sounds too. It truly encourages you to remain present rather than totally blocking out your companions or family. You can turn it off whenever you needn’t bother with this additional feature.

Out of the Box

Opening the box uncovers no plastic ties, only the smooth dark headphones sitting on a grey bed of wooly texture, which serves as the delicate travel case. Inside the box, you’ll get a flat-coiled charging cable, as well as a disc-shaped charging pad that connects with the headphone.

Dolby didn’t settle on USB-C here, which means a full charging takes to two hours, however, Dolby claims you can get about 2.5 hours of battery life on a 20-minute charge. The absence of USB-C is less of an issue for headphones made for the home, yet at this value, we anticipated the most recent tech.


In spite of all the brilliant features we get from it, there’s one area other than cost where the Dimension comes up somewhat short, its battery life. With active noise cancellation and Life Mix on, You can expect as long as 10 hours of charging on listening. That is about 33% of what the topmost brands of headphones like Bose and Sony offers us. The good news is that there’s a low-power mode that will help in extending the time to 15 hours but you’ll need to manage it without ANC and LifeMix. A speedy charge feature will allow to give you 2 hours of the listening period in 15-20 min. And if you need to top them totally, you’ll need to put them on the included charging dock for about 2 hours. Neither of those details contrasts positively with Sony’s 1000X Mark III or Bose’s QuietComfort 35, yet since the Dimensions aren’t intended to be used on the go, even 10 hours between charges is perfectly fine for home use.

3D stimulated surround

Since the headphones interface with all gadgets over Bluetooth and Bluetooth is stereo only, they can’t acknowledge a direct surround sound sign and process it.  The headphones are planned fundamentally for home use, that could have been a critical oversight for such a high cost. Luckily, they’re loaded down with Dolby’s myriad audio-processing technologies that transform stereo sound into simulated surround on the fly. The organization has invested years managing this very issue, and the majority of that work has gone into the Dimension to deliver a surround-like impact through the two 40mm drivers.

Dolby ATMOS illustration

That’s indeed a great effort. The headphones additionally consolidate 360-degree sound with built-in motion sensor, like the WavesNX-controlled Audeze Mobius. They can modify the stereo blend between the cups to give the feeling that the sound sources are fixed notwithstanding when you turn your head. This is a fascinating enough impact when tuning in to music, however, it’s most valuable when watching films or any shows. Dolby’s simulated surround with head tracking makes a really vivid listening impact. This is the major plus point of this beauty.

Audio Performance

The headphones perform strikingly well when tuning in to music, which is expected from the price it has offered. The bass synth and kick drum sound full and almost head-rattling, however pleasantly adjusted against the other track.

Satisfying sound performance

It is anything but a subwoofer-like sound, yet it’s satisfyingly powerful. It sounds energetic. Dolby Dimension is worth getting attention! And that’s it, it sounds great and we couldn’t find any flaws in terms of sound performance, but this shouldn’t be considered as a winning-point as headphones that are above $500 are meant to sound flawless.


The Dolby Dimension is amazing. Regardless of whether it’s grabbing on those delicate details during a TV show or best sound quality, these headphones truly convey the best of it. What’s more, the features, particularly One-Touch Switching, make the general experience exceedingly agreeable. In case you’re an eager binge-watcher who needs to remain checked out what’s happening around your home or somebody who needs to update their TV sound without putting big speakers in their lounge, Dimension may be for you.

Price at the time of review: $400

Dolby Dimension Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


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