DJI’s FPV Drone Revealed in a Leaked Video

A leaked video has provided us with yet another glimpse at the DJI Avata, a speculated FPV (First-Person View) drone from DJI. According to sources, the DJI Avata will reportedly be built with a tiny design that would allow it to be flown indoors.

The drone looks to be being flown with DJI’s motion controller, which was originally marketed alongside the company’s first FPV drone last year, in the video, which was uploaded by renowned drone leaker @OsitaLV.

The FPV goggles used by the drone’s operator are unlike any DJI currently on the market, which suggests they are the new type depicted in earlier leaks. While being smaller and more compact, these DJI Goggles 2 appear to have a similar design to its first set.

Previous reports indicate that the DJI Avata would weigh roughly 500g, which is beyond the 250g limit and necessitates FAA registration for outdoor use. Less information is available on its camera specifications, however, leaker @DealsDrone earlier claimed that it may be comparable to DJI’s most current Mini 3 Pro in terms of quality.

The main issue right now is when the Avata could be released and priced. It was previously reported that DJI could be ready to debut its newest drone in July or August of this year, however, it has now come to light that this release date may have been postponed.


Muhammad Zuhair

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