Ubisoft Kicks Off Ubisoft Forward With The Division Resurgence and Rainbow Six Mobile

Ubisoft has kicked off the Ubisoft Forward Livestream on September 10, today and it seems we’re getting two new Ubisoft games for mobile platforms. To be specific, we’re getting The Divison Resurgence and Rainbow Six Mobile that were just announced at Ubisoft Forward.

Rainbow Six Mobile and the Divison Resurgence Coming to Mobile Platforms

The Division Resurgence’s gameplay trailer went live at Ubisoft Forward on September 10, today. While most players aren’t interested in the whole shindig, this serves as a great opportunity for mobile gamers to experience a PVP 4v4 portable experience of the original Divison 2.

The in-game footage previewed in the trailer looks quite promising. Visuals look on par with what we’d get to see in an indie PlayStation 4 title and that alone speaks for how far graphical fidelity has come on mobile devices such as those using Android and iOS as their operating systems. The game features some incredible textures, character models, lighting, shadows, and shaders for what is a multiplayer Ubisoft mobile game.

The Divison Resurgence is set to be a demake of the AAA experience of the original The Division 2. The game is set in the supposedly massive urban open-world of New York City. Players will get to test out their skills in new PVP modes, the Dark Zone and Conflict.

Players will get to team up with three other players but that’s optional as gamers can go head-on into the dark zone on a solo basis. Players will be matchmade with others regardless of the number of players on their team. Players will have a limited time to loot before the time is up. Then, the infection rate will go up till you face mortal danger. Keep an eye on the clock and use the most efficient routes to get through the Dark Zone.

The game focuses a lot on collecting and upgrading your loadout to improve your gear and weapons along the way. The bigger risks you take, the higher will be the reward. Players will need to go through the rounds to get new loot as it’s contaminated. You’ll need to decontaminate your loot before gaining access to it. Dying before the extraction will drop a portion of your contaminated loot which can be acquired by another player.

To extract the Contaminated Loot, you need to get to an Extraction Point and fire a flare gun to call for a SHD helicopter to come pick it up. When it arrives, it will send down 2 ropes: one to attach your Contaminated Loot on, and the other for your own extraction.

The helicopter will hover for a short period of time allowing all players to attach their loot. During this time, the rope can be cut by other players, dropping the loot on the ground for anyone to pick up. This means that other players gone Rogue could easily rob your hard-earned loot from you if you let them!

Anyone can go rogue and on the offensive in the Dark Zone. You’ll become a clear target once you decide to go rogue so think if it’s worth it to backstab your fellow agents. Players can also remove their Rogue status if they gain redemption from their fellow agents but it’s only possible if you truly want it.

But that’s not all. Players will not only get the chance to take out enemies, turn their backs on their fellow agents and get their hands on some contaminated loot in the Dark Zone. The game features a progression system that allows you to obtain rewards by simply partaking in the Dark Zone’sactivites. You’ll also gain experience that boosts your Dark Zone level along the way!

Rainbow Six Mobile Takes the Stage

Right after the Division Resurgence was announced. We got a follow-up for the long-awaited Rainbow Six Mobile too. Justin Swan, the Creative Director of Rainbow Six Mobile took to the stage to talk about the upcoming Rainbow Six Mobile that looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous for a mobile release. 

Again, the game looks stunning with its amazing visuals for a mobile game and the graphical fidelity has been improved across the border in contrast to its closed alpha build. But that’s not all, the creative director promised further improvements in terms of graphical performance, quality and in-game content will be made along the way as users give feedback during the closed beta.

Justin Swan promised to remain open and transparent with the player base and community when it comes to their caveats, criticisms, improvements, and feedback in terms of Rainbow Six Mobile.

” Hello everyone, I’m Justin Swan, Creative Director of Rainbow Six Mobile. It’s been a big exciting year for our game with the worldwide announcement of our closed alpha taking place earlier this year. It was amazing finally getting to see how the players and the community reacted to the game and we couldn’t be happier with the initial feedback.

Rainbow Six Mobile is a free-to-play game designed from the ground up specifically for mobile devices. When we started from the ground up, our objective was crystal clear.

To bring the Rainbow Six Universe to the mobile platform and allow more people than ever before, all around the world, to enjoy this mobile competitive tactical team-based experience.

The closed beta was stated to start this Monday on September 12 and there’s good news for Android users across the globe for that matter. Android users can still register on Google Play for a chance to partake in the closed beta and experience Rainbow Six Mobile before it gets an official release. And as for iOS users, they shouldn’t worry as the team is working hard on the iOS iteration of the game and will hear from the team soon in the near future with upcoming updates.

So, what can players expect in the upcoming closed beta? Users will get to enjoy unlockable operators and a progression system. Players will get to progress through the game and unlock new in-game items and a ticket system to fiddle around with that will allow mobile gamers to unlock new operators along the way.

The closed beta will also feature a battle pass to go through along with improved graphical fidelity across the border compared to the closed alpha for the mobile title. Players will also get to enjoy better communication with voice chat integration for the game and better plan their strategic routes in the PVP mobile title. The game will also feature new maps for players to eliminate each other. These maps will consist of Bank, Boarder, and the newly added Club House map.

division resurgence rainbow six mobile ubisoft forward
In-game footage of Rainbow Six Mobile | Rainbow Six Mobile

Players will get to charge, breach and take down enemies on the go starting this September 12. But the accessibility of the Closed Beta is limited to a few select countries this time around. Players in the regions of the USA, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Singapore, and India will get access to the Mobile iteration of Rainbow Six Seige. As for users in other parts of the globe and for iOS users, they’ll just have to wait till the game is officially released for Android and iOS. 

Lucky players can now pre-register for a chance to play the game via the Google Play store.

So, are you excited for the upcoming Mobile Editions of Rainbow Six and the Division Resurgence? Surely, the games will feature micro-transactions like any other mobile game, but will they be worth it in the long run?

How will the games hold up in contrast to their AAA high-budget iterations, especially when it comes to the hit-multiplayer game Rainbow Six Seige? We don’t know much about the titles especially, the Division Resurgence and only time will tell how well the games will hold up. 

And that’s pretty much it for today on Appuals. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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