Discord Integration Has Officially Been Added to Xbox After Several Requests

According to a statement from Microsoft, everyone can now use Discord voice chat on Xbox platforms. Users can now talk with anybody on Discord through audio channels or group conversations straight from Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, thanks to a capability that became available for a small set of Xbox Insiders in late July.

“With this update, you can now chat with anyone on Discord via voice channels or group calls directly from your console, making it easy to connect with friends across mobile, Xbox, and PC. This means that you will be able to see who is in the call and speaking while you are playing on your console. You’ll also be able to adjust the sound and switch between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat while you play all your favorite games.”

Users may see who is on the call and speaking while playing on a console. Additionally, they can change the volume and switch between Xbox game chat and voice chat on Discord. Players must choose “Try Discord Voice on Xbox” from the “Parties & chats” menu to use the functionality.

Image: Xbox

Then, if they’ve already done so, they’ll be prompted to connect their Discord account to their Xbox (or re-link it). Additional information on how to accomplish this step may be found in a Discord Xbox Connection FAQ that Discord has released.

By utilising the mobile app while using Xbox, for instance, mobile users might already use Discord and Xbox together. PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users may do the same thing, although conversing on Discord while taking in game noises may not be the best experience.

In contrast to Xbox Party Chat, this Discord voice chat integration currently does have several restrictions: You cannot ask members of a Discord voice channel to join you in playing a game, and you cannot stream Discord voice channel audio over Xbox Live. You will need to retransfer a Discord call from your phone to your console each time if you want to change Discord voice channels while using Xbox.

Yes, this integration is minimal for now, but Xbox fans have been demanding voice chat support for Discord for quite a long time. Additionally, Microsoft hinted that it would keep working with Discord on additional features. It is also worth noting how competitors such as Sony take the Discord integration into account because PlayStation users are demanding it too.


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