Discord Introduces “Activities” Alongside A $3 Nitro Subscription in Latest Update

Today, Discord announced a number of updates to its platform, one of which is the addition of games for users to play against each other in real-time. It has also launched App Directory, a new app store where users may access apps developed by other companies.

The company has also established a $5 million ecosystem fund to support its app developers. These updates are geared toward making the community-building software more adaptable, with new options to personalize the servers where hundreds of thousands of users frequently convene around their favorite subjects of discussion.

Discord claims that more than a third of its server environments mimic chat rooms and incorporate programs, commonly referred to as bots. The applications, which are little pieces of automated software that operate within Discord’s servers, include various services. With the update, the company is giving people exactly what they wanted: a proper directory of apps that tick most boxes for a huge percentage of users on the platform.

Another big new feature is now being released. The new Activities feature in Discord makes it possible for users to engage in more active, well, activities together, such as playing games. In voice channels, there is a little button in the shape of a rocket ship that gives users access to a variety of new activities.

Another notable addition to Activities is the integration of YouTube, where you along with other members of the server can watch videos together and make playlists that can then be streamed. This way no one has to constantly stream his screen for the others to watch.

Starting this week, everyone will have access to begin two activities: Putt Party and Watch Together. Discord Nitro subscribers can launch even more activities including Poker Night, Sketch Heads, Chess, Land-io, Letter League and more. Once launched, they can invite their friends who don’t have Discord Nitro to join their expanded selection of Activities.”

And if you can’t afford Discord’s $10 Nitro or Premium Membership, they’ve made it easier to pay for privileges. The Nitro Basic Plan, which will cost $3 per month, will be released by the company on October 20.

With this subscription, you can upload files up to 50 MB in size and use your own emoji anywhere. In contrast, however, you won’t have access to regular Nitro’s 100 MB uploads, HD video streaming, user profiles, server boosts, or Activities.

The reasoning behind Nitro Basic and the subsequent updates is crystal evident. Discord’s goal is to build an app ecosystem that will attract users and, in turn, increase revenue. While this may not be ideal, it could be useful if you want to invite someone to a viewing party or share your complete Nitro account with them.


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