Discord Integration for Sony PlayStation Console(s) Coming Soon

Discord is the biggest gaming social media platform today. The platform, intended primarily for gamers came to the internet on May 13, 2015. Currently, Discord has over 140 million active users worldwide with over 300 million registered accounts. It’s currently valued at 15 billion dollars. Due to its success and growing user base, Sony has announced a partnership with Discord, allowing full integration with PlayStation.

Discord Coming to PlayStation?

Several sources indicate that Discord is coming to Sony PlayStation featuring system-wide integration for users of the platform to enjoy. It’s pretty much understood that this integration will happen sometime in the future with the release of PlayStation 7.00 firmware. Currently, 6.00 will roll out sometime in Mid-September.

Sony’s implementation of Discord for PlayStation has been in the QA phase for the past few months now. The company states that the progress on the integration of Discord to PlayStation is going smoothly so far.

If you’re wondering what kind of integration the PlayStation will feature in regards to Discord. It’s pretty simple. You’ll get to use Discord on your PS5 similar to the implementation seen on the Discord PC App.

The partnership started back in mid of 2021. It was in May of last year that Sony announced its fresh partnership with Discord. The President and CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan stated that they’re constantly trying to figure out new solutions for players when it comes to communication with each other.

“At PlayStation, we’re constantly looking for new ways to enable players around the world to connect with one another, form new friendships and communities, and share fun experiences and lasting memories. It’s in this spirit that we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Discord, the communication service popularized by gamers and used by more than 140 million people every month around the world.” – Jim Ryan

Whether it be forming friendships and communities, bringing the social media website to PS5 will certainly accomplish that. With that said, Jim Ryan officially announced the partnership that promised to bring Discord integration to Sony PlayStation. Developers over at both teams are pretty hard at work.

“Together, our teams are already hard at work connecting Discord with your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network.

Our goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year, allowing friends, groups, and communities to hang out, have fun, and communicate more easily while playing games together.” – Jim Ryan

Discord has fundamentally grounded itself as an app for gaming communities and individuals across the world thanks to its impressive VoIP and instant messaging implementations.

With over 300 million registered users, the platform’s implementation for the PlayStation will make communication across the platform a breeze in contrast to Sony’s earlier implementations for communication between players and gamers.

discord playstation
The Sony PlayStation 5 with the Dual Sense controller | PlayStation

While sources haven’t given us a release window for Discord’s implementation on the PlayStation, it’s expected to come to the platform sometime towards the end of the year.

But will the experience be streamlined and easily accessible as it is on PC? Hopefully, the company will nail its communication services on the PlayStation platform to provide an experience similar to or even superior to what we’ve experienced on PC.


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