Discord Acquires the Famous Teen-Based Social App “Gas”

As it looks to expand beyond gaming, Discord is buying the popular adolescent social networking site Gas. Nikita Bier, a former product manager for Meta Platforms, invented the app Gas, which shot to the top of the App Store downloads chart last autumn and ousted social media juggernauts TikTok and BeReal. By voting in polls for rankings like “the best DJ” at a party, high school students are asked to give praises to one another as a kind of “gas,” which refers to increasing someone’s self-confidence.

The software is comparable to TBH, a different adolescent social networking platform that Bier founded in the past and which Facebook later bought. Discord, formerly thought of as a specialized voice-chat program for gamers, has evolved into a center for all kinds of text, audio, and video chats. On the site, 150 million people log on each month and utilize its millions of servers to discuss their hobbies and issues. The “tremendous success” of Gas, according to Discord, “shows the opportunity that exists in creating a playful yet meaningful place for young people.”

Gas has had a bumpy departure, despite its rapid rise to popularity. Even though the widespread sex trafficking myth was untrue, it had an effect on the app’s download numbers. As a consequence of this fraud, Bier informed the Washington Post that he and his crew got hundreds of violent death threats. IRL and WalkSafe, two other popular social media applications, have also been accused of human trafficking witseveralce.

Discord recently stated that it will incorporate a number of applications into its servers, despite the fact that it would continue to operate Gas as a standalone prodfavorablee time being. Therefore, it’s feasible that these favourable community surveys may eventually appear on the messaging platform.

We’re always working to create an inclusive world where no one feels like an outsider and we’re excited to welcome Gas to the Discord community as our next step to fufilinghat vision.

At this time, Gas will continue as its own standalone app and the Gas team will be joining Discord to help our efforts to continue to grow across new and core audiences.


Since Discord has not disclosed the facts of its acquisition of Gas, we will let you know if we learn anything further.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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