Disabling Font MRU Lists in Word for Windows Under Wine in Linux

Windows users who move to open source operating systems often need to continue running legacy software. In fact, lack of support for legacy materials under newer versions of Windows is sometimes a reason for installing Linux. While those who use Linux solely for running Windows software will be disappointed, individuals who rely on Microsoft Word as a word processor can use a special registry tweaks to make the program look a bit more natural under the Wine application compatibility layer that allows Linux to execute Windows code. While this technique is geared toward use under Wine in Linux or BSD, these same registry keys control Word for Windows on a native interface.

Any registry tweak that works in a native Microsoft Windows environment will work under the Wine application layer. Therefore, this is also often used to provide closer compatibility with a preferred interface after moving from Windows to a Unix-based operating system. The tweak functions with the menu interface versions of Word, such as 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003. Those with newer ribbon interface versions might find that they don’t experience these issues under Wine. The newest versions serve as a subscription service, and may not work at all under Linux. You may wish to make a backup copy of the Wine registry before continuing, as mistakes made when editing it can cause registry errors over time.

Disabling Above the Line Typefaces

Word for Windows enables a line of MRU typefaces in the fonts drop down box. Using the Registry Editor is the only way to disable this. These tend to clutter up the screen in a Linux environment. First from inside a Wine box running Microsoft Word click on Tools and select Customize. Click on the Options tab. Make sure that “List font names in their font” is unchecked. This function may look strange in Wine.


Hold down the Windows or Super Key, then Push R. Type wine regedit into the box, and click OK.


In the program that starts, click on the plus sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then navigate down to Software\Microsoft\Office\VERSION NUMBER\Word\Options, with VERSION NUMBER instead replaced with whatever version of MS Word you have installed.


Right click in the right-handed panel, select “New” and then “String Value,” which will open a box. In the box type NoFontMRUList and then double click on the new value. Set it to 1. Close the Registry Editor and restart Word for Windows. If you haven’t experienced any changes, then you might need to restart the Wine server.


To do so, make sure that all pieces of Windows software running in your desktop environment are closed and wait about a minute. This should reset the Wine server. If still nothing happens, then you may wish to log out of your Linux desktop environment and then log back in again.

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Disabling Font MRU Lists in Word for Windows Under Wine in Linux

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