How to Disable Snap Pop-Up While Moving Windows on Windows 10

Windows 10 had a lot of cool additional features that weren’t in the older versions. There are some new features though, like the pop-up overlay feature (on some machines) that can really make you go grumpy really soon. This particular (often unwanted) feature will appear whenever you try to move a window from one place to another and completely mess up your positioning skills.

snap pop up

Now this overlay is not removed by turning off the “Aerosnap” or the “snap” from the multitasking area and most users don’t even want to disable snap anyway, so how can we get rid of this? Well, this is normally caused by some of the third-party display applications running on your computer and we will share with you a complete guide on how you can completely say Goodbye to this dreadful feature. Follow these steps:

As already mentioned, this is caused by third party applications like the Dell PremierColor or the MSI True Color etc. If you have a Dell computer, you can go to the taskbar and click on the PremierColor icon to open the application.

If you have never used the application before (which should the case), go through the first time setup and make sure you are setting everything to default.

Once you are done, go to the “Advanced” tab on the top and move over to the “Display splitter” tab. You will see a “Display splitter on” checkbox. Uncheck it.

If you are a MSI user, you will find True Color under “Tools”. There will be an option for “Desktop Partition on” in the window. Deselect it and it’s done.

If you have a machine other than Dell or MSI then you can look for other third-party display applications running on your computer and deselect an option of the same nature from there. Let’s know in the comments if this solved the problem for you!

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How to Disable Snap Pop-Up While Moving Windows on Windows 10

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