Mysterious “DG2MB” Product Spotted on Intel’s Ark Database: An Intel Motherboard with Arc Alchemist GPU?

Over on Intel’s private Ark database that is only visible to certain partners with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), an unusual new entry has been spotted by Igor’s Lab. For those unaware, Intel actually has two different Ark databases under its belt, one that’s public and can be accessed by anyone and another which is, as mentioned, hidden and only a select few have access to it.

The entry is part of the “Graphics” category and is titled “DG2MB” which indicates that this is some sort of a test platform, aka motherboard, somehow linked with Intel’s upcoming Arc Alchemist lineup of discrete GPUs, due to that “DG2” moniker at the start. Further inspection reveals that this might be a reference motherboard which has an Arc Alchemist GPU connected to it, along with a CPU.

DG2MB entry on Intel’s private Ark database | Igor’s Lab

Looking at the entry, we can see that apart from the DG2MB name and the Graphics category, this mysterious product is using a “1001Fab Process which can be literally anything as we don’t have any details on this. Right below that, we have the speed listed at 4.0Ghz which gives us some insight as to what we’re looking at. This is most likely the speed of a CPU, the same one that is binned using that mysterious 1001 Fab Process.

Moving on, there’s 16MB of cache mentioned in the attributes. This is L2 cache which means it is most likely referring to GPU cache instead of the CPU’s. The core count reads 0 so we can’t detect anything from that. More importantly, though, the TDP for this product is stated at 200W. That kind of GPU power is not possible on mobile devices currently as even the highest-end mobile GPU, the RTX 3080 Ti, has a maximum TGP of just 175W.


Therefore, the 200W TDP could be referring to the TDP of the entire test platform, so GPU + CPU and any other components like memory. That would make a lot more sense. On top of this, Igor’s Lab confirmed that the GPU mentioned here is listed as “BGA2660” which is the exact same package size that is used in the high-end DG2-512SOC 1” Arc Alchemist mobile GPU.

It should be mentioned that Intel has confirmed that upcoming Alder LakeHX CPUs will be using the BGA (Ball Grid Array) packaging to solder desktop chips onto laptop motherboards which essentially confirms that we could be looking at a mobile test platform.

However, there’s also a chance that this could just be a variation of a desktop chip instead. There are several DG2-512 based GPUs in the Arc Alchemist lineup with TDPs of over 200W and Intel could be experimenting with one of them, which can further explain that this was a test platform with adjusted parameters.

We don’t have any other information on this unusual entry. The fact that this is coming from a non-public database means that it wasn’t ever meant to be said by anyone outside of those who signed the NDA anyways. So, we still cannot say whether this was a combination of a laptop CPU and laptop GPU on a reference motherboard, or something entirely different being used to test a desktop chip.

Arc Alchemist GPUs for laptops are coming soon with an official reveal event planned for 30th March. Intel is expected to unveil lower-end SKUs based on the DG2-128 die, also known as “SOC 2“. Intel has already confirmed one SKU, the A370M, for the show with more expected to be unveiled that day. Later this year, Intel will bring not only higher-end DG2-512 laptop GPUs to the market, but also Arc Alchemist GPUs for desktops which are scheduled for a Q2 2022 launch.

Huzaifa Haroon
Born and raised around computers, Huzaifa is an avid gamer and a Windows enthusiast. When he's not solving the mysteries of technology, you can find him writing about operating systems, striving to inform the curious.

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Mysterious “DG2MB” Product Spotted on Intel’s Ark Database: An Intel Motherboard with Arc Alchemist GPU?

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