Developers Make a Modified Version of the Google Recorder App: A List of Compatible Devices Included

One of the exciting features of the new Pixel 4 series of devices was the voice recording app. The app, which functions just like a regular recorder, has an additional feature to it. This additional feature is the speech to text transcription. While this app was made available to older pixel devices, it was not available on other android devices.

Now this story has a new twist to it. According to an article by 9to5Google, the developers at XDA-Developers have done wonders for other android users. The latest version of the app, which is the Google Recorder version 1.1.284, is made available for android phones all over. This modded app is based on this version of the official app and works quite fine.

While it is quite broad and vague to put this just out there, there are some ifs and buts to the story. There are still certain restrictions on this availability. While it is made for other phones generally, it is not functioning to its fullest.

Current Compatibility Situation

Currently, and ironically, the modified app works best on Huawei and Honor devices. All the features work flawlessly and just like they would on a Pixel device. These devices though should be on Android version 9 or 10. Other devices such as Samsung ones, Motorolla, LG, Sony, and Nokia work fine as well. These devices are based on an AOSP-based ROM and therefore this type works fine. This is given though that all these devices should be running a version or type of android based on Android 9 or 10.

The devices that are currently facing issues are ASUS devices running Android 9 or 10. Additionally, OPPO, OnePlus and Realme devices based on similar platforms showcase certain issues as well. These may be issues like no transcription or app crashes. Xiaomi devices currently are at the worst state of compatibility. This is because, for these devices, the app crashes altogether.

Currently, yes this is a good solution to getting that app if you do not wish to get a Pixel 4 device. It is great if your device supports it, even greater if the support is free of major issues. If not, don’t be down because developers are on it like moths on a flame. Any day now, we’ll probably see a stable enough version to work on Android devices universally.

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Developers Make a Modified Version of the Google Recorder App: A List of Compatible Devices Included

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