Details About the Unreleased Left 4 Dead Successor Invaders Revealed

Before Bad 4 Blood was announced. Left 4 Dead 2 developer, Turtle Rock was up to something different and unique. In a YouTube Video, Unforgotten Games compiled a list of documents and artworks that have now given us some insight into the cancelled Left 4 Dead 2 successor, Invaders.

According to the research by Unforgotten Games. After the release of Evolve, Turtle Rock had split the team into two groups. The first group was working on additional content for Evolve, while the second group was handed out the Invaders Project. The second project was supposed to succeed the 6-year-old Left 4 Dead 2 game.

The second group had already started to work on Invaders and the same year. Turtle Rock was also hiring numerous people for Invaders. The game had its various artworks and in-game monsters designed by Anthony Sixto, who has published them on Art Station with a title “Invaders (Turtle Rock Studios – Canceled)”

Invaders featured a gameplay that was circled around numerous characters. These characters were supposed to work in a team and save the United Kingdom from an Alien Invasion. The team was built up of everyday characters, like Architect, Hunter, Accountant, and more. In addition, these characters had special perks and each of them would play an important role in figuring out certain missions.

Characters from the Invaders game

Invader was sort of a unique project because none of its features were replicated from the previous Left 4 Dead Games. The game had a list of aliens. That goes on to say, there were three classes. The first was muscle and featured brutal force. The second one had various abilities like Infantry and Chaser, aliens that could shoot. The third class was called fertilizers, and they could spawn eggs that would eventually give birth to more aliens.

Second Tier Aliens from Invaders

Apart from these regular enemies, Invaders also featured mega boss, which was ten times the size of a normal alien. These bosses were difficult to face and in order to take them down. Players had to tackle their weak points.

Mega Boss In Invaders

The last boss and final boss would be called “mothership”, and it would float In the clouds. The mothership would be so big, that it would occupy the whole sky, and the name of the game Invaders also originated from these floating monsters.

Anthony Sixto writes “A very large, mysterious creature that hovers above the center of London, similar to a mother-ship”

In 2019, Turtle Rock announced Back 4 Blood and it was apparent that they had cancelled out Invaders. Further, it is also safe to assume that Invaders might have had a playable version, because of the in-depth content that is now surfing around the internet.

The whole idea about this game is very fascinating, and It’s pretty sad that the game never made it to the final stages. Right now, It seems that Bad 4 Blood will continue the Left 4 Dead Games Legacy. Maybe Turtle Studious can look back at their projects, and revive Invaders.


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