Destiny 2 on Google Stadia Loses Half its Playerbase One Month After Launch

Not long ago, Google’s cloud-based streaming service Stadia attempted to reshape cloud gaming when it launched in November last year. The ambitious project allowed users to play a variety of games by simply using a reliable Internet connection. The cloud streaming service took off with over a dozen titles, including Destiny 2, a highly popular looter shooter developed by Bungie. Weeks after its launch on Google Stadia, however, Destiny 2’s dwindling player count is not a good sign for the streaming service.

When Stadia launched in November 2019, statistic tracking site Charlemagne¬†recorded just under 10,000 Destiny 2 players. This was in contrast to over 500,000 players on the Steam version of the game. Although the game’s player base on Stadia gradually rose to nearly 20,000 in the coming weeks, it was not even close to competing with other platforms.

Less than two months later, Forbes reports that Destiny 2 on Google Stadia has suffered a steep drop in player count. Comparing the current player count to what it was at its peak, more than half of Stadia users for the MMORPG have stopped actively playing the game. The numbers, provided by Charlemagne, highlight a painfully vast difference between the number of players between the four platforms Destiny 2 is available on:

  • PC: 437,000
  • PS4: 435,000
  • Xbox: 313,000
  • Stadia: 8,020

There are several reasons Stadia failed to maintain a healthy player base, with the most obvious one being availability of games. In Destiny 2’s case, a game that is free-to-play on all platforms except Stadia, its price was is downfall. In addition to the Internet requirements, Google Stadia users wanting to play Destiny 2 have to purchase the Pro version. This, coupled with the poor performance Stadia offered on launch, pushed a large chunk of people away from the cloud streaming service.

There’s no telling what the future holds for Stadia. Google is yet to launch its free tier, but even that requires users to pay for any games they might want to play. Seeing as how Stadia is steadily failing to sway the public opinion, it’s hard to say whether things will change in the coming months.

Farhan Ali
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