Bungie Studios Working on a Destiny Mobile Game

Bungie studios are currently busy with future updates for Destiny 2 along with recent work on their upcoming Destiny 2: Lightfall Expansion slated for 2023. The company seems to have its hands full but some other developments are brewing in the shadows as it seems that the company is gearing up for the development and announcement of a Destiny Mobile experience.

Bungie Preparing for Development of a Destiny Mobile Game

Spotted by The Game Post first, It was last year that Bungie filed patents and they were published last week. The patents focused on developing virtual controls for touch-based devices, most possibly Android and iOS devices. The virtual controls include schemes similar to those found in popular mobile titles, with emulated buttons and control sticks added to the screen wherever the user decides to rest their fingers.

The approval and publication of these patents have further enhanced confidence in regards to speculation about a mobile version of Destiny currently in development. It was earlier this year that claims started to pop up that Bungie is working on a new Destiny game for mobile platforms in collaboration and partnership with Chinese Tech and gaming giant NetEase.

NetEase has currently invested around 100 million dollars to become a minority shareholder of Bungie. The investment took place back in 2018. At that moment, the studio for Destiny stated that this deal would help the company explore new directions and build new worlds.

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Published Patent for Bungie’s supposedly upcoming Destiny 2 Mobile experience | Patent Scope

Bungie’s CEO Pete Parsons stated in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz that the deal was a signal of Bungie’s goal to become a global game and entertainment company.

Really what this partnership is about is bringing the expertise NetEase has, sharing ideas and allowing us to incubate new ideas,” Parsons said. “There’s no explicit deal [to publish our games in China]. It’s more that they share our passion for games, our passion for building worlds that inspire friendships and building communities, and that’s the entire focus of it.

They also have a significant amount of experience in mobile we don’t have. And one of the things we were really excited about when we met with them is their team has a considerable amount of development expertise and practices and processes that I think we can also learn from as a company that’s trying to make games. That’s one of the things we like about them. They’re in the business to make games, and they’re very excited about the future where we’re beginning to incubate and explore new ideas.”

It’s not that we don’t have new ideas, things we want to do, and concepts we’d like to test out. But ultimately, we want to be a global game and entertainment company. We want to be able to build games that are inspiring people from around the world, and this partnership in part will allow us to do that, to begin that incubation and development process in a real way.

We want to be able to build games that are inspiring people from around the world, and this partnership in part will allow us to do that, to begin that incubation and development process in a real way. – Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie

It was quite recently that Bungie was acquired by Sony in a deal amounting to nearly 3.6 billion dollars. In May, the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida stated that the acquisition of Bungie was partly motivated by the desire to transform PlayStation into a multiplatform business.

In addition to the ongoing work and updates for Destiny 2, Bungie previously announced its plans to bring at least one new IP to the market before 2025.

So, what is Bungie doing with these mobile touch patents? Is it gearing up for a new Destiny Mobile experience or are we getting something entirely different? Let us know your views in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then see you later and goodbye.


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