Destiny 2 and Fortnite Crossover Event Leaked New Fortnite Skins Revealed For Destiny

Fortnite is already jam-packed with content as the game is currently holding its Fortnite X Dragonball crossover event. Fans are having the time of their life with the event as some users reported getting one-shotted by Rick Sanchez flying in the air and one-shotting them with a Kamehameha wave, which sounds pretty ridiculous. But new reports suggest that Destiny 2 is crossing over with Fortnite for a Fortnite X Destiny 2 Collaboration that adds content to both Destiny and Fortnite.

Destiny 2 and Fortnite Crossover Event Leaked

It seems that Destiny 2 is coming to Fortnite and vice versa, and we all know what that means. Both Destiny 2 Fortnite are going to get some new and exciting skins and in-game content, and we might even get to see some of the memorable weapons from Destiny 2 showcased in the popular battle royale game.

Epic Games has been updating Fortnite regularly with skin-drops and grand scheme events that have disrupted the entire gaming industry and battle royale genre. It’s turned into quite a unique experience straying away from the roots but in a spectacular way.

The game has continued to evolve into what it is today for half a decade now. Bungie was one of the first developers to showcase a modern gaming experience when it first came out for the PS4. Destiny was expected to have a ten-year plan which slowly crumbled.

The game was, although fun through the initial run but slowly got boring and repetitive. Players that paid the full 60-dollar price tag were left out of tons of in-game content as they had to make microtransactions to unlock new game maps, missions, and events, for that matter. Slowly users started to drift away from the game, and that’s when it died. The developer then moved on to its next entry into the franchise, which redeemed the game, allowing players to play the game for free.

With all that said, Destiny 2 will be crossing over to Fortnite pretty soon. According to GinsorKR on Twitter, they found some Fortnite skins in Destiny 2, and they’re honestly some exciting-looking skins, but it seems unclear as to how they’ll be incorporated into Destiny 2.

As we know, Destiny 2 features individual armor pieces that grant users benefits. It’s unknown if this is purely for cosmetics or if Destiny 2 will get feature some sort of larger quest with elements from Fortnite. With that said, Fortnite is also getting its fair share of Destiny content too, although there haven’t been any specifics released for that matter. A new Destiny 2 showcase is expected sometime on August 23, so it’s likely to further details will be announced then.

For now, it’s unclear how unclear how big this crossover event is intended to be in terms of weapons, skins, and in-game content. It’s obvious that both games are exchanging content with each other as a new strategy and increasing each other’s user base.

Fortnite leaker, HypeX also strengthened the leak by confirming the news of the expected Fornite and Destiny 2 crossover event. We’ve gotten to take a peek at Destiny 2’s selection of skins that feature Destiny 2 stylized skins from Fortnite, but we’re still wondering how and what kind of Destiny 2 skins will come to Fortnite in its soft cartoony art style.

Normally, some brand or company promotes their newest film or game by adding some Fornite skins, but it’s refreshing to see it go both ways. Of course, nothing has been really confirmed by Epic Games, but it’s pretty exciting to see this crossover coming to fruition.

In addition, there have been leaks in regards to a new Fortnite collaboration with Eminem which could be featured later in the year. The game’s in-game radio, Icon Radio recently started showcasing 52 minutes of Eminem songs. A possible collaboration with Eminem might be in the works, though the game’s code doesn’t say anything about any upcoming skins. So, enjoy the music for now.

For now, you can enjoy the new Fortnite X Dragonball crossover event that features tons of new exciting in-game content. Players can buy skins from the in-game item shop for Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus. The Tournament of Power took on August 19, which allowed users to obtain numerous prizes.

Players can also get their hands on numerous emotes, Dragon Ball-themed Back Bling like the power pole and the Kamesennin Turtle Shell. Players can also visit the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, which features memorable and iconic locations such as Goku’s House and the World Martial Arts Tournament. If users want to relax, they can simply visit a cruise ship, sit back and enjoy a screening of up to six Dragon Ball Super episodes.

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