Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC: You Will Get To Keep Your Year 1 Loot, Bungie Confirms

Cayde-6 Is Dead

Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC has been announced and we have got a closer look into what the expansion will have to offer at E3 2018, where we got to learn more about the story. Guardians are shocked by the dark approach that Destiny 2 has taken and killing off Cayde has had an impact, to say the least.

If you were wondering whether or not you will be able to keep your year 1 loot then you need not worry as it will be carried forward to Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC. It has been confirmed by Bungie.

“You’ll be able to bring your Year One stuff forward with you, if you own Forsaken you’ll be able to bring it up to the same [level],”

Players have had issues with Destiny 2 from the moment they finished the main campaign and the upcoming DLC claims to solve all the problems. Bungie is off to a good start from where I am sitting as people are mourning the loss of Cayde-6 and want revenge on the prince that killed him.

I for one would like to end his life with the same gun, the Ace of Spades, which he used to shoot Cayde-6. That should be very satisfying indeed. The developers went on to say the following:

“We are very comfortable saying that if you’re working on faction rallies right now, or the things that are coming in the summer, that’ll still be totally worth it because you’ll be able to bring that stuff into the new content, But we have a lot more details to talk about there, but we can definitely assure people that’ll be the case.”

Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC seems to have a lot of potential but then again it can go horribly wrong, keeping in mind that Cayde is a main character and his death will not be taken lightly. If it was all for nothing then the fans of the game will be mad indeed.

I for one will be playing Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC when it comes out later this year, in Septemeber. I hope Bungie can get things right this time around.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.