Destiny 2 Adds Breakthrough Crucible Mode, Exotic Drop Rates Tweaked

Following the release of the Forsaken expansion pack, Destiny 2 players have had a lot to play with. In this week’s update for the game, Bungie has added a new Crucible mode called Breakthrough. Additionally, after complaints from fans, Masterwork Cores and Exotic drop rates have been adjusted.


With this new game mode for Crucible, three new maps have been added to Destiny 2. Equinox, Firebase Echo, and The Citadel are available to all, and PlayStation 4 players will also have access to the Gambler’s Ruin map. For a quick rundown of the official Breakthrough, check out the official announcement video:

In a nutshell, Breakthrough involves deploying a ‘breaker’ on the enemy team’s ‘vault’. The objective of the game mode is to successfully hack the opponent’s vault.

Exotic Drop Rates

Bungie has addressed a fairly annoying issue that players have been encountering since the launch of Forsaken. Fans have complained that the number of duplicate exotics from Year 1 have been dropping more than usual. To alleviate the issue, Bungie has plans to increase drop rates of Exotics not owned by the player.

“Exotics are intended to be meaningful long-term chases. Finding an Exotic should be rare but impactful,” says Bungie. “Right now we are falling short of the ‘impactful’ part of our goal. There’s nothing exciting or powerful about getting your fourth Fighting Lion when all you really want is a Two-Tailed Fox.”

Masterwork Cores

In the blog post, Bungie mentions that they want to “make Infusing and Masterworking a meaningful choice.” They believe that there are problems with the current Masterwork Core Economy which need to be addressed. The developers say that Masterwork Cores have a “misleading” name and that there are not enough “reliable sources” to acquire the cores. Together with a rename, Masterwork Core sources will soon become more “reliable and plentiful.” 

Masterwork Cores Destiny 2
Masterwork Cores

Bungie says that they will closely monitor community feedback and share more details before the changes go live.

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Destiny 2 Adds Breakthrough Crucible Mode, Exotic Drop Rates Tweaked

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