Designers at Apple Could Have Removed All External Wires From iPhone X, Sources Say

Some sources have insinuated that Apple’s engineers considered removing the Lightning connector from the iPhone X before releasing their new mobile device to the public. While there are those who believe that Apple’s reasons for doing so would be to move toward the popular USB-C hardware platform, technicians in Cupertino have a history of opting for radical changes that generate a great deal of publicity.

When the iPhone 7 got released in late 2016, a great deal of press was devoted to the fact that it did away with the headphone jack. This caused some to decree the end of wired headphone technology while others announced they preferred products put out by Apple’s competitors as they kept the older technology.

New reports seem to indicate that Apple’s ultimate goal is to eliminate all external ports entirely. If Apple were to go this far, then it technically wouldn’t be that surprising as it matches the company’s unique history.

The Book of Macintosh was an internal document published many years ago by Jef Raskin, who was working in Apple at the time. It described an inexpensive user-friendly computing device that incorporated everything into one single product without external components.

Raskin went on to say that in an ideal world there wouldn’t be a power cord, which seems to suggest Apple’s designers have been looking into this sort of technology as far back as 1979. They may be close to eliminating the power cord, as the iPhone X could have shipped without a wired charging system.

Cupertino weighed the idea of using only wireless charging, which is unfortunately slower and more expensive than traditional charging technology. As a result, it seems that this goal is still a few years off in the future. However, if Apple were to ever eliminate wired chargers no one should really be surprised as internal documents seem to suggest they also want to remove all external buttons.

Critics have said that they wouldn’t want to invest in a mobile device like this, since they wouldn’t be able to charge the battery while they’re on the go unless they could find someone else who happened to have a proprietary wireless charging dock. Others have said streamlined phones are the way of the future.

John Rendace
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Designers at Apple Could Have Removed All External Wires From iPhone X, Sources Say

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