Demon’s Souls Remastered Lacks Ray-Tracing Support Despite Initial Claims by Sony

The PlayStation 5 is officially releasing only in a matter of days. It is the only console that is coming with a big lineup of first-party exclusives, which shows Sony’s dedication to exclusives. The launch lineup includes Sack Boy: A Big Adventure, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Demon’s Souls Remastered. We have seen gameplay footage of all of these games, and Sony is heavily banking on these to boost initial sales.

Demon’s Souls is the game that created the infamous Souls-like genre. The game rose to fame owing to its gory details and brutal combat system, which led to games like Dark Souls and Bloodbourne. The remaster, especially one created by BluePoint games that are considered the best for remastering old games, is a big deal for Sony and PlayStation 5.

Like the new RDNA 2 graphics cards from AMD, PS5 is capable of hardware-enabled Ray-Tracing. During the initial press release, Sony confirmed that Dark Souls Remastered comes with Ray-Tracing support. However, subsequent releases of information deliberately lacked references to Ray-Tracing support in the game. The last gameplay video of the game even shows beautiful reflections, but it seems these are only screen-spaced reflections.

According to a Japanese games reporter gamespark, the game developers confirmed in an interview that Demon’s Souls Remastered lacks any kind of Ray-Tracing support. They decided against adding the feature due to the “time cost issue.”

Lastly, the game will release alongside PS5 on November 12th, and it costs $70.

Mohsin Naeem

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