Dell Reveals its Next-Gen Concept Nyx Aiming to Revolutionizing the Console Industry

Dell announced a brand-new kind of gaming controller in the previous year. The controller, known as Nyx, linked to a gaming server and made it simple to play games anywhere in the home. You could play games with a single controller on all the displays in your house and have two games going simultaneously.

Dell revealed the updated version of Concept Nyx today at CES 2023. It is only an idea, exactly like the earlier iteration, and Dell has yet to make plans to commercialize this item. However, it may be used as a proof-of-concept for the following game controllers. 

Dell’s Concept Nyx is its Reply to Xbox and PlayStation

The new Concept Nyx consists of a few components and future items, all intended to make the virtual or gaming world and collaborative activities like meetings and video chats less distracting and more intimate. The first is gaming-themed and is essentially a new controller for Concept Nyx called the Concept Nyx Game Controller, along with other AI feature adjustments to the Concept Nyx dashboard. The second is a futuristic desktop environment with 3D displays called Concept Nyx Spatial Input. Concept Nyx Spatial Camera-powered VR and Mixed Reality is the third and final feature offered by Dell.

A new game controller has been showcased to portray the gaming aspect of Concept Nyx. On the surface, this controller may be like a typical Xbox or PC controller, but it has incredible futuristic technology that elevates gaming to a new level. The power button has a fingerprint scanner, and the controller can be pointed at a device to play at that particular location. Along with haptics, there are thumb sticks with varied resistance that self-adjust based on the game you’re playing. To assist you in skipping setup menus in games, Dell even added shift buttons to the front of the device for more button alternatives, along with a scroll wheel and a touchpad.

Image: Dell

Dell even integrated the controller with personalized on-screen controls and overlays to display button mapping in Nyx’s software. Other than that, the next edition of Nyx’s dashboard has additional parental controls, simple access to your games, and a display of who else is participating. As absurd as it may seem, Dell even envisions a Nyx in the future where you can enable an AI assistant to watch you as you play games so that you can catch everything.

However, you need a server connected to your home network (similar to an Xbox or PlayStation console) to enable all the interesting commands Nyx Controller can perform. The specifics of the server are not yet known, but we anticipate that Dell will provide further information on it in the near future. The server resembles a sleek PC tower, as shown in the picture below:

Concept Nyx Server

Sadly, despite Concept Nyx being showcased two years in a row, Dell still has no intentions to make this a reality. We can only hope that a commercial version will be available for testing next year.


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