Dell Project Apex Attempts Everything As A Service For On-Premises And Multi-Cloud Deployments To Compete Against AWS And Google Cloud?

Dell has taken a slightly different approach to cloud-deployment. The computer hardware manufacturer has launched ‘Project Apex’ which will operate on the ‘Everything As A Service’ model. The project involves a rather unique Cloud Console that promises to be the control layer for on-premise, multi-cloud, and edge deployments.

Dell Technologies has outlined a strategy with an intention to move all of its products to as-a-service model. At the heart of the strategy, titled Project Apex, is a cloud console that will act as the bridge for companies and the services that the large cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, and others offer.

Dell Launches Project Apex That Simplifies Cloud Experience And Infrastructure?

Dell Technologies launched Project Apex, which is open for preview, at its Dell World Experience. Dell’s Jeff Clarke, chief operating officer, assured Project Apex will give customers a simple and consistent experience across PCs and IT infrastructure.

Project Apex appears to be the center of Dell’s business and relies on the company’s flexible on-demand pricing, multi-cloud management, and similar plans. The core of Project Apex is the Dell Technologies Cloud Console. It is a control layer for multi-cloud deployments and procuring on-premise gear managed by Dell as a service. The cloud console will connect to the big three public cloud providers and be a single Web interface to compute, storage, and other resources. In other words, Dell appears to be acting as a middle-man that simplifies the cloud infrastructure and management for companies that need cloud infrastructure.

Dell claims on-premises infrastructure is too complex. Hence there’s a need for Project Apex. The first part of the rollout for the same will be storage-as-a-service. Essentially, Dell is trying to offer public cloud-like instance-based pricing for on-premises infrastructure. Moving beyond storage, Dell’s Project Apex will also go horizontal with other-as-a-service offerings. Moreover, the company will also offer several verticals with SAP-as-a-service and virtual desktop infrastructure as a service.

Dell will first go after the large and mid-sized enterprises. Such organizations will be attracted to the flexible on-demand pricing and models. However, the company assures it wants to attract smaller businesses. Speaking about Project Apex, Sam Grocott, senior vice president of Dell Technologies Business Units Marketing said,

“We’re going to shift to everything as a service. This will happen over time and directionally Project Apex is where we are going. It’s going to simplify how we message and transform us internally and externally.”

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