Dell Mobile Connect Now Support Screen Mirroring on iOS: You can drag Photos & Videos on the Device

The idea of having all of your devices in sync with each other is quite cool. Not to mention, it is pretty convenient as well. The idea of having all your texts available on whichever machine you’re working on or the brilliant hands-off feature that Apple offers. Currently, only Apple works about this well. Windows does have this phone linking system, even with iOS but its functionality is pretty limited. Now though, Dell has actually broken through, somewhat. The article by The Verge reports is here.

Dell Mobile Connect

With the new Dell Mobile Connect, users get extended functionality with their iOS devices. The main feature includes screen mirroring. This was first hinted at CES this year.

The new Dell computers with the support for this app can now mirror the iPhone’s display smoothly. They have released a new version of the app on the iOS as well. This allows for the connection. There are some additional features that come with this as well. This includes the fact that users can now control their phone with the mirroring on. This means using your phone with the mouse and keyboard. Secondly, you can also drag and drop photos and videos to the iPhone with this software. This is quite useful considering the fact that iTunes doesn’t really allow that. All you need is an iOS device running iOS 11 and up.

These features have been present for the Android for a while now since the platform allows for a more free software. Additionally, for the drag and drop feature, on the Android side of things, you can even drop music files and documents. It’s hard to justify why they couldn’t add these too since the iOS now has Files which is a proper file browsing system, especially for iPads. They did add a new feature for Android users as well. Users can now send in MMS from their computers, through their cellphones with the Dell Mobile Connect.

Sarmad Burki
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