DeathGarden by Behaviour Digital

Another survival game after Dead by Daylight

After the release of the game “Dead by Daylight”, Behaviour Digital has developed DeathGarden which also seems to be resembling the previous title and is more of a blood sport. The closed beta for the game has been launched on 9th May and will go till 13th of May, 2018. This is just basically for testing the capacity of the servers to handle stress and to gain feedback on the mechanics and gameplay of the game. If you were lucky enough to sign up early and get an alpha code then you can actually play a role in providing feedback and deciding the future mechanics of the game. Otherwise, you can always stream other players while they get the most out of it.


DeathGarden, the name already gives an idea that it will be based in a garden-like small arena. It actually really is a garden like place where both the teams get a chance to prove their skills.

The concept which separates DeathGarden from other games is that one team comprises of a single lone warrior (being called Hunter basically), who is a heavily armored guy with some big ass guns and equipment in his bag pack. The other team has 5 players in total, who don’t really have any kind of weapon to get into an offensive position. The unique aspect that needs to be mentioned about the gameplay, is that the Hunter plays in a 1st person mode while the Runners play in a 3rd person mode. It really does prove helpful for the Runners in observing the surroundings with a wider view angle.

They have to run, climb and stumble their way across the garden to secure at least two out of three checkpoints to win. On the other hand, the Hunter is announced as the winner if he manages to take down at least three of the five runners. The runners have higher speed, agility and ability to blend in with the darkish surroundings. They do have a crossbow to slow down the Hunter for a while but it doesn’t really deal much damage. The runners have a limited stamina but can still outrun the Hunter, if use the environment effectively.

The beta version gives the players (both the Runners and the Hunter) a variety of different options to equip themselves with. For example, the hunter can choose either to have a faster reload speed or a bigger magazine. Here’s a link to the official trailer:


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DeathGarden by Behaviour Digital

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