Death Stranding Director’s Cut Finally Makes Its Way to Mac

This year’s WWDC has had some of the best hidden surprises ever, but what tops Death Stranding on Mac?

Hideo Kojima, at WWDC announced that Death Stranding Director’s Cut will soon be available on Mac. With this release, Kojima has said that he wants to reach a wider audience, so that games on this platform can also experience DS on their Mac computers.

During the announcement, Kojima also praised Metal and other Mac APIs, talking about their impressive capabilities. He highlighted that they are actively working on bringing their future titles to Apple platforms.

Image: Apple

Well, as for how this was all made possible, its the Game Porting Toolkit, which designed to simplify the conversion process and reduce development time for developers looking to bring their games to Mac. What this toolkit does is that it streamlines the evaluation and porting process, making it possible for game developers to consider the Mac route.

Furthermore, the sampling rate for Xbox and PlayStation controllers has been doubled for more responsiveness and precision while playing Death Stranding on Mac.

Additionally, a new “Game mode” has been introduced, which optimizes the CPU and GPU resources specifically for gaming. This mode prioritizes the game, ensuring that it utilizes the maximum potential of the Mac’s hardware capabilities. While this is not, by any means, a ‘new’ feature, it’s great that we are finally seeing games making their way on Mac.

Game Mode | Apple

As for Death Stranding Director’s Cut for Mac, it will soon be available for pre-order on the Mac App Store.

This is a developing story, check back later for more.


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