Dead Space Remake’s Intensity Director will Not Let the Players Rest

In a recent IGN First video with Dead Space Remake technical director David Robillard, it was revealed that the game’s ‘intensity director’ is more than just producing horrific sounds and flickering light. 

According to David, the intensity director will continuously put the player into a sense of tension to keep the intensity high (pun intended). He further elaborates that the players will be put into a condition of dilemma and blurry visions to add that creepiness with the fear of necromorphs already in the back of their heads. David, in the video with IGN, says:

[The Intensity Director has] got sound bites, it’s got animations, it’s got environmental triggers. So, you’ll have a fan that’ll startup, you’ll have creaking from the ship, you’ll have lights flickering, you’ll have lights turning off, you’ll have psychosis events happening. So, it’s everything. Everything that happens in the [story] can happen with the Intensity Director and that’s how we manage to make sure that the lines are blurred and you’re never really sure what is scripted and what isn’t.”

It definitely sounds exciting for a true horror survival fan. It even makes it more immersive and terrifying that you do not even know what will happen next in the game as the intensity director will work differently and randomly for each player with the capability of producing over 1200 different dynamic events to engage the players in the world of real horror. 

About Dead Space Remake

Dead Space is a survival horror game that takes place in deep space. The original game was released almost 15 years ago, in 2008, and has become a legacy. 

The basic synopsis of the game is; humans have exhausted all the resources on Earth, and now they are on a hunt to find a new habitable planet (I’m wondering why the synopsis is scarily relatable in 2022). While on the search, they come across an alien spacecraft USG Ishimura where things don’t work out according to plan, and the protagonist is stuck fighting the half-dead creatures. 

The survival horror was well received at its launch and has created a loyal fan base. The elements that distinguish the game are its gory nature and claustrophobic environment; the narrow pathways of the spacecraft create terrific tension for the player. 

Dead Space 3 is the last game released in the lineup in 2013. In July 2021, EA decided to revive the dormant franchise and announced with a short teaser that they were working on a remake of the original Dead Space. 

We hope that things work out as planned and the Dead Space Remake will keep up the legacy of the franchise and will be a treat for horror survival fans. Dead space Remake will be released on 27th January for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

 What are your thoughts about Dead Space Remake’s Intensity director? Let us know in the comment section below.


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