A Look at the New and Improved Dead Space Remake

There aren’t many games from the last generation that can stand up to the visual quality of Dead Space; it still doesn’t fail to impress even in 2022.

Developer EA Motive seems to have found the most room for improvement in the margins and small details for Dead Space, another classic game getting the full remake treatment. Though the original holds up well, it pales in comparison to the extensive peek of the remake that EA Motive showed off earlier.

This time, the game brings a plethora of new features to the table, including a revamped zero-gravity mode, improved gameplay, and more powerful upgrades.

The Dead Space Remake will have numerous new features, such as enhanced exploration and no loading screens. All of this information was recently posted to the PlayStation Blog. The post claims that the game’s experience has been further enhanced with the addition of new and distinctive features that were not included in the original game.

Motive has also incorporated an astonishing new trick, the Intensity Director, which adds an additional, previously unseen level of intensity to the game beyond the aforementioned visual modifications. As an intriguing unintended consequence of the remade game’s expanded map size, the Intensity Director was designed to address the problem.

No major modifications to the gameplay or mechanics of Dead Space’s combat appear to have been made for the remake. Motive Studio has instead looked to Dead Space 2, implementing many of the narratorial and quality-of-life changes Visceral Games made in the sequel to address some of the first game’s most perplexing and aggravating aspects of exploration.

Motive has made a number of additional technical and aesthetic updates that, together with the game’s spectacular visual overhaul, should make playing it in 2023 seem like an entirely new experience. Dead Space will be released on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 on January 27, 2023.


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