Dead Space Remake Reportedly Delayed to 2023 Due to Higher Target Quality

Last year, EA announced a modern remake of Dead Space that would rebuild the original from the ground-up. This would not be an effort similar to Rockstar’s recent GTA Trilogy but instead a proper remake akin to the likes of Resident Evil 2. The remake is being made using EA’s Frostbite engine, the same engine responsible for FIFA, Battlefield, Star Wars, and Mass Effect games from the company.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this particular release, due to Dead Space being an iconic title but also Visceral Games, the studio behind it, being prematurely shut down by EA a few years ago obfuscating any chances of a proper sequel. The remake is being helmed by Motive Studios, a relatively new developer that has assisted in EA’s Star Wars games and was the sole developer on Star Wars: Squadrons.

The Dead Space remake was never given an official release window but rumors suggested that the game could come out as early as this year, October 2022 to be precise. Now, VentureBeats is reporting that plans have changed and EA is internally targeting a release date sometime in 2023. The game has been delayed behind the scenes due to concerns with quality and the general aim to get it on-par with what Capcom acheived with the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Isaac Clarke, the main protagonist of the game | EA, Motive Studios

Reportedly, EA and Motive are going to make an official announcement tomorrow regarding this internal update. If the game succeeds on all fronts and delivers a satisfying experience then it may even convince EA to invest in more single-player-centric adventures alongside live-service games like Apex Legends. In the past, EA has been infamous for taking the stance against singe-player-only games, saying they simply aren’t that popular anymore. However, with each big release, Elden Ring most recently, the company is proven wrong.

Dead Space is set to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, making it a true next-gen game. If you’re not exactly familiar with the game, the premise is quite simple. Isaac Clarke, an engineer aboard a spaceship discovers that the entire crew on-board has been slaughtered by mysterious aliens and his beloved partner is now lost. With only his engineering skills and a few tools to his hand, Isaac must uncover the secrets and find his partner, in the process encountering dangerous otherworldly beings ready to hunt him down.

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Dead Space Remake Reportedly Delayed to 2023 Due to Higher Target Quality

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