Dead Island 2 Gets A CGI and A Gameplay Reveal Trailer Along With Pre-Order Announcement at Gamescom 2022

Dead Island 2 rose from the ashes, and now it’s made its way to Gamescom 2022. The game got a brand new CGI trailer, and some gameplay reveals, and fans got to try out the game over at Deep Silver’s Gamescom Booth. Let’s get right into everything!

Dead Island 2 CGI Trailer Comes to Gamescom 2022

Dead Island 2 is back from the dead. And it’s coming out sooner than you think. The original Dead Island title was a massive hit back in 2011 thanks to its original take on the post-apocalyptic action survival gameplay. The game also featured an impressive marketing campaign that hooked gamers. Although the game received some mixed reviews, it still went on to sell millions and millions of copies. And this prompted the game to feature an announcement for a second iteration of the franchise Dead Island 2 in 2013.

We got a trailer that was also memed by Goat Simulator 3 a few months, if you didn’t know. But it appears the Dead Island gameplay reveal trailer has taken an entirely different direction in contrast to its previously light-hearted take back in 2013. It’s brash, features rock music, and it’s all over the place.

Since that time, the game has switched multiple developers and is now currently being developed by Deep Silver Studios. It made fans wonder if the game would ever see the light of the day ever again. Following a recent amazon listing that was recently taken down, it was revealed that Dead Island 2 would be revealed for Gamescom 2022.

The fun part is that Deep Silver didn’t just announce just one trailer and called it a day. We got an epic CGI trailer along with a gameplay reveal trailer with rock music in the background. But that’s not all. The trailers revealed that the game is now out for Pre-order for a plethora of platforms.

The  CGI trailer was announced in conjunction with the gameplay reveal trailer and both of them seemed to hit the mark. The CGI trailer for the game featured an African American character wearing some shades, sleeveless jackets, long hair and a chill attitude.

Smoking a cigar, he continues with this daily routine of grocery shopping for alcohol, anti-psychotics and a bag of chips, but on his way, he casually strolls across the city, bashing the brains out of a bunch of zombies without breaking a sweat or caring for that matter. It had a more chill, and laid-back feel to it in contrast to the happy-go-lucky light-hearted trailer featured back in 2013

The game’s setting hasn’t changed. Players will enjoy the game in sunny Los Angeles, California, and we’ll get numerous ways to kill the undead once again. Like many of you had hoped, the game is coming back with co-op with up to three players.

Dead Island 2 is expected to go toe to toe with Dying Light 2. The game looks lots of fun, and it does look a lot like if GTA V got a Dying Light mod. Dead Island didn’t have any competition back in the day, but it seems apparent that it’s either going to be Dying Light 2 or Dead Island 2. Keeping all of this in mind, we hope the developers over at Deep Silver took note of the opposition and nailed the game till they were sure it could obliterate the competition.

Dead Island 2’s Gameplay Reveal

The gameplay reveals trailer starts off with a shot of a beach house as the sun is setting near the famous Los Angeles Pier. If we didn’t know, someone could certainly mistake the game for GTA V as the game takes place in Los Santos, based off of Los Angeles.

So, there will be a lot of similarities in terms of environment between both games. Los Angeles is deserted, and society has perished except for a few individuals. We got to see the Pier along with detailed houses in the hills. Players will get to penetrate zombie skulls as a takedown. You can kick, hit, bash, electrocute, shoot, decapitate or subdue zombies with whatever weapon you prefer.

The game shows that players can even curb stomp zombies and crush their heads like a watermelon. We got to see a lot of zombie variety with the residents of Los Angeles all turned zombified. There’s even a zombie with an anarchist outfit and a mohawk. From the gameplay trailer, we saw that there are loads of multiple ways to take out zombies, and all of them look pretty gruesome, which is exactly what we want.

In comparison to Dying Light which had the same set of recurring zombies, Dead Island 2 features some of the most interesting zombies and characters to date, which would definitely keep the players hooked in terms of zombie variety. Heck, if you fear clowns, you’ll be terrified by the clown zombies in the game.

Dead Island 2 seems like everything that you would ever want from a zombie game. However, it doesn’t seem to feature the parkour physics, the verticality and the movement mechanics of Dying Light 2. It aims to please gamers with the definitely gory takedowns, the zombie variety, a new story and a plethora of weaponry to choose from. Dead Island 2 is out for pre-order now. 

dead island 2 trailer gamescom 2022
Dead Island 2 Penetration Takedown | Gamespot

Dead Island 2 will be released pretty soon, on February 3, 2023. This means that fans won’t have to wait a long time to get their hands on the game. It seems likely that the team waited for the right time to re-reveal the game until they were sure the game was ready to be released.

The game is coming out for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Alexa Game Control and Google Stadia. We wonder how the Stadia release would hold up due to its latency issues and input lag and if the two people playing on Stadia would enjoy the game.

Are you excited about the upcoming Dead Island 2 release? Ready for pre-ordering the game? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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