Dead Cells seventh update introduces legendary items and reworks the Forge

Dead Cells, a 2D rouge-like platformer developed by Motion Twin, received a major content update this week. The seventh update, titled “The Baguette Update”, introduces legendary weapons, new challenge rooms and other balance changes.

Legendary Items

The update now allows players to acquire legendary weapons. These weapons scale according to your stat and can be obtained as guaranteed loot drops from bosses. Legendary items are rarely dropped by elite and regular enemies. Almost every weapon in the game, even the ones you have not found the blueprint for, can be obtained as a legendary drop.

The Forge

Motion Twin has changed the mechanics of the Forge with this update. The blog post on Steam explains the new Forge mechanics in detail:

“Instead of allowing you to upgrade specific weapons, now the cells you invest at the forge will go towards unlocking a guaranteed percentage of weapons dropping at higher quality levels. So for example; it might be that 10% of all weapons with drop with + quality, meaning you should eventually see ALL weapons drop with + quality”

Challenge Rooms

Another aspect of the game that saw a rework is the challenge room. “You get the chest when you enter, and the portal closes behind you if you decide to open it. Now the challenge is in finding them, not in perfecting them.”

UI and Balancing

The Baguette Update has changed the user interface to a more modern one from the previous old-school style. Balancing changes such as mutation cool down reductions and tweaked gold economy as well as several level design changes were part of the update.

The post concludes as Motion Twin reveal their plan to release the full version of Dead Cells in August. They said that Dead Cells will receive a few small updates before the full release of the game.

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Dead Cells seventh update introduces legendary items and reworks the Forge

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