Dead By Daylight’s Weakest Killer is Being Reworked, Here’s How

During the Dead By Daylight Year 3 anniversary stream last night, developer Behavior Interactive showcased the game’s first killer rework. Alongside many changes and additions, the upcoming mid-chapter update will rework the dream demon known as Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Rework

Freddy Krueger, who is widely considered to be the game’s weakest killer, is finally getting a rework. As the rework is still in development, the abilities listed below aren’t final:

Freddy’s rework divides his abilities into two main components: Sleep Cycle and Dream Abilities.

Sleep Cycle’s first component is Micro Sleep, which automatically puts nearby survivors to sleep over a period of 60 seconds. During this period, Freddy’s visibility to survivors is dependent on how far he is from them. Most importantly, Freddy does not need to put survivors to sleep in order to attack them.

For a survivor to wake up, they have three options. First, they can fail any skill check, be it on a generator or hook sabotage. Next, an awake survivor can interact with a sleeping one to wake them. Lastly, a new Clock world object has been added. Sleeping survivors can use this item to pull themselves out of the dreamworld. This mechanic is similar to how the Pig’s reverse bear traps are removed.

Dream Pallets

Dream pallets, whilst similar to Doctor’s fake pallets, function a little differently. Freddy can replace up to four of the ‘real’ pallets with dream pallets, which are not visible to awake survivors. When a sleeping survivor interacts with a fake pallet, it explodes in blood.

Dream Snares

Dream snare is an active ability that can be placed on the ground and takes two seconds to arm itself. When a survivor steps on a dream snare, they will be slowed for a limited time.

Generator Teleport

Possibly one of the strongest killer abilities in the game, Generator Teleport allows Freddy to aim at a distant generator and teleport to it. The entire process takes five seconds, and the generator produces visual queues to alert survivors of the impending doom.

The developers emphasize that because the rework is still a work in progress, all of these abilities are subject to change. However, the general idea of the rework will remain the same. Expect to see the Freddy Krueger rework released some time in the coming weeks.

To learn more about what’s coming to Dead By Daylight, check out the full year 4 roadmap here.

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Dead By Daylight’s Weakest Killer is Being Reworked, Here’s How

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