Dead By Daylight’s Newest Killer Carries a Harpoon Gun

Behavior Interactive’s asymmetrical horror survival game Dead By Daylight is due for another round of content. The upcoming Chains of Hate expansion pack will introduce the new Deathslinger killer as well as a new survivor named Zarina Kassir. Although the developer is yet to issue an official announcement, the new update is live now on the public test build.

Have a look at how the new killer functions in-game:


Deathslinger is the first one of his kind to carry a gun. Although the Huntress can throw her hatchets, the new killer is armed with a full on harpoon gun called the Redeemer. In addition to a regular melee attack, the Deathslinger can hook and reel in survivors without needing to get up close. Successfully hitting a survivor will put them into the Deep Wound state, with another shot putting them in the downed state. After each shot, the Redeemer must be reloaded.

As with all killers, the Deathslinger has three teachable perks:


This perk will allow the killer to detect the location of a previously-hit survivor whenever they complete a skill check while repairing a generator.

Dead Man’s Switch

By hooking the obsession once, this perk will block any generator if a survivor stops actively repairing it.

Hex: Retribution

Survivors who cleanse a dull totem will suffer from the oblivious status effect. In addition, whenever a survivor cleanses a hex totem, the aura of all survivors will be revealed to the killer.

Zarina Kassin

The new survivor also comes with her own set of teachable perks.

Off The Record

For a limited time after being unhooked, the user’s aura will remain hidden from the killer and their grunts of pain will be silenced.

Red Herring

By repairing a generator for a set amount of time, the survivor can ‘mark’ it as a decoy to be activated by entering a locker.

For The People

This perk allows the user to instantly heal another survivor at the cost of inflicting the Broken status effect upon themselves for a limited time. For The People can only be used whilst in the healthy state.

The Dead By Daylight Chains of Hate expansion pack is expected to release on all platforms in early March.

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Dead By Daylight’s Newest Killer Carries a Harpoon Gun

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