Dead By Daylight’s New Bloodweb Changes Will Lessen The Grind of Unlocking Perks

Dead By Daylight’s highly-anticipated Bloodweb changes have finally been announced. The Bloodweb is a core part of the game which allows players to unlock perks, items, and addons for both Survivor and Killer characters. Bloodpoints are the currency used to progress through the Bloodweb, and while they’re not hard to obtain, it can be very time-consuming considering the ever-growing selection of characters.

In the next update for Dead By Daylight, developer Behavior Interactive is changing how the Bloodweb works. In addition, two new status effects are being introduced ahead of the release of the upcoming Stranger Things chapter.

Bloodweb Changes

Currently, each level of the web features two perks, only one of which can be unlocked. This pattern is observed all the way until level 50, at which point unlocking perks becomes extremely resource-intensive.

With the new changes, the Bloodweb will function differently from level 40 and beyond. More perks will be available, giving players more choice and freedom in perk selection.

  • Levels 1-39: Unchanged
  • Levels 40-49: Three perks appear, up to two can be purchased.
  • Level 50: Four perks appear, up to two can be purchased.

The Entity will still be able to consume perks, so you’ll need to observe efficiency if you want to purchase more than one perk.

“With the total number of perks growing with each chapter release, getting the perks you wanted could be challenging,” reads the blog post. “With this change, the odds of finding the perk you want are doubled and the amount of time taken to unlock all perks is dramatically reduced.”

The upcoming Stranger Things chapter adds six unique survivors perks and three killer perks, making it the biggest content update in Dead By Daylight history. As such, now is the perfect time to change how the Bloodweb perks.

Status Effects

Alongside the Bloodweb changes, update 3.2.0 will add two new status effects: Undetectable for Killers, and Oblivious for Survivors.

As the name implies, Undetectable activates when a killer enters stealth. When activated, the following effects are applied:

  • The Killer’s terror radius is removed.
  • The Killer’s red stain is removed.
  • The Killer will not have their aura revealed.
  • The Killer does not trigger the jumpscare sound effect.
  • The Killer sees the smoky screen visual effect.

Alternatively, the Oblivious status effect for survivors indicates their unawareness of the killer’s location. When activated, the following effects are applied:

  • The Survivor does not hear The Killer’s terror radius.
  • The Survivor is not affected by any effects that are conditional to being inside of a terror radius.

Both Oblivious and Undetectable status effects activate when playing against the new Demogorgon killer.


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