Dead By Daylight Year 4 Roadmap Detailed: Map And Killer Reworks, Dedicated Servers, Mobile Version

In celebration of its third anniversary, Dead By Daylight hosted a live stream event last night. During the year 3 anniversary live stream, developer Behavior Interactive shared the year 4 roadmap. Starting now until May 2020, the asymmetrical horror survival will introduce four new chapters, two of which will include brand new maps.

Dead By Daylight
Year 4 Roadmap


Chapters are Dead By Daylight’s way of delivering content updates every three months. Over the past three years, the game has added eleven chapters, and the upcoming Ghost Face killer will be part of the twelfth chapter. By May 2020, the game will have added four new chapters, two new maps, and reworks of two existing ones.


Year 4 of Dead By Daylight will introduce the game’s first map and killer reworks. Alongside a full rework of Freddy Krueger, the developers are reworking the Badham Preschool map. For details on the Freddy Krueger rework, check out this post.

Game Health

For year 4, Behavior Interactive promised to improve Dead By Daylight’s gameplay experience by adding dedicated servers, better party management, and improvements to the matchmaking algorithms. To keep the game refreshing for veteran players, the new Archive will build upon the game’s lore by offering new challenges.

The highly requested dedicated servers will be available in the game in summer of this year. The introduction of these dedicated servers should improve matchmaking queue times for all players. These new features will allow the game to handle player disconnections properly, improving the overall gameplay experience.

Three years after its launch, Dead By Daylight has a lot of bugs, and the performance isn’t great either. For year 4, the developers aim to improve performance by reducing crashes and fixing bugs.

Nintendo Switch and Mobile

Dead By Daylight for the Nintendo Switch is launching on September 24th 2019. In addition to this, Behavior confirmed that a mobile version of the game is in the works.

From the looks of things, Dead By Daylight is heading in the right direction. It’s great to see the developers focus on maintaining and improving game health instead of simply releasing an excessive amount of content.

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Dead By Daylight Year 4 Roadmap Detailed: Map And Killer Reworks, Dedicated Servers, Mobile Version

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