Dead By Daylight Will Soon Punish Players Who Disconnect During Matches

Asymmetrical survival horror Dead By Daylight has some major changes headed its way. Ahead of the release of dedicated servers, developer Behavior Interactive has detailed a number of tweaks and additions coming to the game. Alongside lots of polishing and optimization, the highly-anticipated Freddy Kreuger rework is finally being tested on the PTB. In addition, the developers have improved matchmaking, hit registration, hit boxes, and will soon penalize players for disconnecting during a game.

Dedicated Servers

Currently, Dead By Daylight uses a peer to peer to model, where the user playing the killer acts as the host. Due to this, it is hard to track down the exact cause of disconnections. As a result, developers have been unable to deal with disconnected players effectively. However, once the game migrates to dedicated servers, players will hopefully see a better gameplay experience.

“Survivors who disconnect from a match will leave a “husk” behind,” explains Behavior in a recent blog post. “The Killer can then hook and sacrifice this husk to receive the points- and perk tokens where applicable- that they would have earned had the Survivor continued playing.”

This will improve the gameplay experience for the killers, but survivors will obviously be put at a disadvantage. To compensate for the lost teammate, all remaining survivors will receive bonus bloodpoints. If the disconnection occurs on the killer’s end, then the match would end and would count as a win for all alive survivors. Add-ons and offerings brought by players would be refunded if the match ends shortly after it starts.

Hit Registration

Hit registration and inconsistent hit boxes are one of Dead By Daylight’s biggest flaws. A number of upcoming changes to the game aim to improve the situation by altering killer attack animations. To keep it simple, cases where the killer’s weapon and the survivor “feel too far apart for the hit to connect” will be reduced.

Disconnection Penalty

In an attempt to discourage leavers, Behavior will lock players who purposefully disconnect out of matchmaking for a certain time. The duration of this ban varies depending on how many times a player has disconnected.

“This new system will feature a growing “lock-out” timer for each time a player disconnects from a match, preventing them from re-queuing until their timer expires.”

Additionally, if one player of a Survive With Friends group is locked out, the rest of the team will have to wait until their ban expires. The length of the timer gradually decreases as long as the player doesn’t disconnect from additional matches.

Bloodpoint Changes

Bloodpoints are the in-game currency of Dead By Daylight used to unlock new perks and items. In order to incentivize players to play survivor, the bloodpoint gains for survivors are being reviewed.

“New scoring events will be added for wiggling while being carried by the Killer and for healing other Survivors with a medkit, creating new opportunities to earn bloodpoints. Survivors will also be rewarded with survival points based on how long they survive in the match.”

Queue Times

Currently, one of the biggest problems with Dead By Daylight matchmaking is the unbearably long queue times when playing killer. Weirdly enough, Behavior says that this is completely normal, and that the upcoming changes to bloodpoint gains should improve the situation.

Expect to see these changes and additions, including the Freddy rework, in Dead By Daylight soon.

Farhan Ali
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