New Dead By Daylight Update Makes Big Balancing Changes

An upcoming update to Dead By Daylight will overhaul the game’s UI, improve visuals, and rebalance several perks and killers. The new changes to Behavior Interactive’s asymmetrical survival horror have been due for a long time, particularly the graphics update which will affect two maps.

HUD Update

In a new developer update post, Behavior outlines significant changes coming to Dead By Daylight. The most notable one will be an update to the HUD. Since release, Dead By Daylight’s HUD has received numerous improvements and changes. However, it seems it’s finally time to replace the simplistic status indicators with character portraits and hook counter. The new UI will allow you to not only see the characters being played by each player, but also how many times they have been hooked. Additionally, new UI scaling options will give players the ability to fine tune the size of the HUD to their liking.

HUD Update
HUD Update


As with most updates, Dead By Daylight’s next patch will rebalance killers and perks. Three killers and six perks will be updated.

The Clown’s new Afterpiece Antidote is a that “shatters and releases a delayed yellow gas. Once the gas activates, anyone who steps in the gas receives a 10% movement speed bonus. Like your Tonic, this effect lingers for a few seconds after leaving the gas. You can swap between Tonics and Antidotes by tapping the Active Ability button at any time.”

Reloading both bottles is now quicker and the killer’s add-ons have been readjusted.

The Trapper and The Wraith also received buffs. Wraith’s cloak has been to changed to only be visible at short distances, and the Trapper’s bear traps are now harder to escape.


The time taken to activate Diversion has been reduced to make it “more useable at lower levels.”


Fixated will now provide players with a faster walk speed even when injured.

Hex: Undying

Any time a Hex totem is cleansed, it will replace the Hex: Undying totem. Hex: Undying is then deactivated. This ensures that the first totem cleansed is never your other Hex perk. Any tokens you’ve already accumulated are now kept when the Hex perk transfers totems. This way you’re not starting from scratch part way through a match. Aura reading only applies to dull totems.

Iron Maiden

Increased the duration of the Exposed effect to 30 seconds.

Open Handed

Increased the aura reading range bonus to 8/12/16m, but players are limited to the effects of one Open Handed at a time.

All of the changes and additions will be available on Dead By Daylight’s public test build starting next week.

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