Dead By Daylight Stranger Things: Steve, Nancy, and Demogorgon Perks and Abilities Detailed

Last week, Dead By Daylight developer Behavior Interactive announced a Stranger Things collaboration for the asymmetrical survival horror game. The announcement came entirely out the blue, and everyone was excited to learn more about Steve, Nancy, and the new Demogorgon killer. Ahead of the chapter’s official release in September, the developers hosted a reveal panel last night showcasing the upcoming content.


As Dead By Daylight’s first non-human killer, the Demogorgon caused a lot of confusion within the community. While the Netflix series paints the creature as speedy killing machine, it’s not as powerful in the game.

The Demogorgon has the ability to place Portals on the ground. When standing on one, the killer can use these portals to burrow through the ground and traverse vast distances. Survivors can counter this by closing the portals. Much like repairing a generator, this action takes time and multiple survivors can work on a single portal at a time. However, when a portal is destroyed by a survivor, they suffer from the new Oblivious status affect and their location is revealed to the killer.

All three of the Demogorgon’s perks are focused around generators and stopping survivors’ progression.

Surge – Putting a Survivor into the dying state with your basic attack will cause all Generators in a 32 meter radius to explode and regress. An additional regression of 12% will also occur. Has a 60/50/40 second cooldown.

Cruel Confinement – Every time a Generator is completed, all windows and vault locations within 32 meters of the Generator will be blocked for 25/30/35 seconds. Blocked vaults and windows can be seen as auras.

Mindbreaker – When a Survivor starts working on a Generator with less than 50% repair progress, they are afflicted with Exhaustion. Exhaustion will stay on them until they leave in which it will last an additional 1/2/3 seconds. Any existing Exhaustion status timers will pause while working on a generator.

Steve Harrington Perks

Babysitter – When you unhook a Survivor, they will leave no scratchmarks or bloodpools for 4/6/8 seconds. Additionally, you and the killer will see each others auras for 4 seconds.

Camaraderie – Activates while in the struggle phase on a hook. When a Survivor is in a 16 meter range of your hook, your struggle timer is paused for 10/12/14 seconds.

Second Wind – After healing one health state of another Survivor, Second Wind activates. Once activated, you are inflicted with the Broken status effect the next time you are freed from a hook. While outside of the killer’s terror radius, Second Wind will passively heal you up to 100%. The perk deactivates once you are fully healed or downed before healing is complete. You lose the Broken status effect.

Nancy Wheeler Perks

Better Together – The aura of the generator you are working on will be revealed to all other Survivors within a 32 meter range. When a Survivor is downed while you are repairing a generator, you’ll see the aura of every Survivor for 8/9/10 seconds.

Inner Strength – When you cleanse a Totem, Inner Strength activates. Once active, hide in a locker for 10/9/8 seconds while injured to be healed. Inner Strength deactivates after you are healed.

Fixated – You can see your own scratch marks at all times. Your walking speed is increased by 10/15/20% while not injured.

The Dead by Daylight Stranger Things chapter launches in September. As of now, a PTB date has not been confirmed.


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