Dead By Daylight is Getting its Own Battle Pass Called “The Rift”

Asymmetrical 4v1 survival horror game Dead By Daylight is cashing in on the battle pass trend. As part of the game’s upcoming The Archives feature, developer Behavior Interactive has announced some major changes and additions. Most notably, The Rift is the game’s very own battle pass, and it lets players complete challenges to obtain the new wave of cosmetics coming in the upcoming mid-chapter update.

The Archives

After its initial announcement earlier this year, The Archives are now available to try on the public test build. There are two parts to this feature: The Tome, and The Rift. Through these two parts of the game, players can learn more about Dead By Daylight’s lore, whilst also unlocking limited time cosmetic rewards.

The Tome

Starting from level 1, each level of the tome adds a series of challenges that can be completed for bloodpoints and Rift Fragments. As the Tome lasts a fairly long time, the developers see each one as a new season.

The Tome
The Tome

The Rift

Onto the more interesting of the two, the Rift is Behavior Interactive’s take on a battle pass for Dead By Daylight. Featuring 70 tiers of limited time cosmetics and rewards, the Rift offers both a free and premium path. Every player has access to the free path, whilst the premium Rift Pass must be purchased for 1000 Auric Cells, roughly $10.

Each Rift will be available for 70 days, which should be enough time for players to collect all 1000 Auric Cell rewards available on the pass. Furthermore, players also have the ability to purchase tiers on the pass by spending 100 Auric Cells per tier.

As previously mentioned, Rift Fragments are a new currency that is used to progress through the rift pass. It can be earned by completing challenges in the tome, or by simply playing the game.

The addition of a battle pass in Dead By Daylight is certainly an interesting decision. User feedback hasn’t all been positive, but we’ll have to wait and see how it works out. In the meantime, Behavior has announced the Withering Blight Halloween event for Dead By Daylight.

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