Dead By Daylight Will Soon Allow Console And PC Players to Play Together

Asymmetrical horror survival game Dead By Daylight first launched on PC in 2016. Since then, the game saw releases on new platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and even on mobile phones. With developer Behaviour Interactive prepping to add Google Stadia to that list, “cross-friends” and “cross-progression” between all platforms for Dead By Daylight is on the way.


Cross-play for Dead By Daylight has actually been available for almost a year. Last year when the game launched on Windows Store, the developers allowed PC players who owned the game on either store to play together. This move not only helped grow the player base by making the game easier to access, but also improved the game experience by reducing the times needed to find online matches.

Soon after, one of Dead By Daylight’s most requested features that are “cross-friends” and “cross-progression” were officially announced. The former is already live as a beta test for the Windows Store and Steam versions of the game, and Behaviour reports “amazing feedback”.

“We wanted to make sure that the Cross-Play aspect of that feature would not impact the general player’s experience,” writes Behaviour. “We knew players would ask about Balancing, Matchmaking time, Network communications, etc. We investigated our data, ran playtests, and gathered feedback and we are now confident moving forward with the release of Cross-Play on console.”

Fortunately, “all lights are green” as the studio is ready to activate cross-play and cross-friends on consoles. That means that PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users will all be able to queue up together for an online match. The mobile version of the game, which is still in its early stages, won’t have cross-play for now. Since the “game system and architecture are significantly different”, the developers have no plans to bring cross-play to Dead By Daylight mobile, at least not until PC and console cross-play becomes a smooth experience.


In addition to cross-play, individual users will soon have their progression synced across all platforms. Starting in September, any Dead By Daylight progression in the form of purchases, bloodweb, perks, character unlocks, etc. will be shared across Steam, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. At the time, Behaviour cannot promise cross-progression for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and mobile and have “no guarantee that it will happen.”

Cross-play for Dead By Daylight between all platforms excluding mobile lands sometime soon. The cross-progression feature rolls out later this year in September for Steam, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

Farhan Ali
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