Dead By Daylight Shares Update on Chat Filter and Colorblind Modes

Last year, asymmetrical 4v1 survival horror Dead By Daylight kicked off The Realm Beyond, a project which aims to improve the game in many ways. Four updates later, developer Behavior Interactive put out an update post today confirming that “we’re halfway there”.

The ambitious project has to-date done a lot for the game in the form of graphical updates and map reworks. The map Ormond and Springwood have been the first to receive changes and the developers explain that the feedback was “mostly positive”.

The Realm Beyond project also plans to fix usability issues, particularly the lack of a colorblind mode and other accessibility features. Behavior confirmed today that work on the previously announced colorblind modes and also a chat filter has been ongoing.

“In an effort to curb toxic interactions, Dead by Daylight will soon include a Chat Filter feature. It will filter out and blur racist, sexist, or overtly offensive comments that do not have a place within our game, or community.”

Although Dead By Daylight does not make use of an in-game chat feature, players still can communicate via text in pre-game and post-game lobbies. The introduction of a chat filter will hopefully lessen the toxic interactions that the game is sadly notorious for.

Colorblind mode is something that the Dead By Daylight community has asked for since launch. Although the feature is still under development, the studio has shared a very promising update image.

Colorblind Modes
Colorblind Modes

“To improve accessibility, players will soon have access to new Colorblind settings in the Graphics section of the Dead by Daylight menu. Using simple sliders, players will be able to adjust the game to accommodate both the type and intensity of their colorblindness, fine-tuning the visuals to easily fit their specific needs.”

Dead By Daylight has improved a lot since the start of The Realm Beyond, though there is still a lot more ground to cover.


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