Days Gone PC Release Hinted As New Listing Goes Live on Amazon France


Responding to the rumors, Sony (via IGN) has confirmed that the Days Gone PC listing, in addition to a number of other similar titles, are incorrect.

“The listings are not accurate,” says Sony. “We have made no announcements to bring these games to PC.”

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Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic survival horror game released last year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. As the game approaches its one-year anniversary, PC fans of the game will be glad to know that Sony may finally be ending its exclusivity soon. While there’s no official announcement from developer SIE Bend Studio or publisher Sony, a new listing on Amazon France suggests that the studio is prepping a PC version of the game.

Twitter user Nibellion recently discovered an Amazon listing titled “Days Gone Edition” for the platform “Windows”. According to the page, the listing was posted by the official PlayStation store on Amazon.

Days Gone
Days Gone Amazon PC

Further down, the Amazon page confirms that it is indeed a video game for the Windows platform. The entire web page doesn’t contain anymore concrete information, but there is no doubt that the game in question is definitely Days Gone.

While this is all based on something that could be an error, a PC version of Days Gone is actually quite plausible. With the first of Sony’s first-party exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn finally coming to PC, it is clear that the company has shifted its stance on exclusives. Microsoft hopped onto the cross-play train way earlier with Game Pass for PC, and Sony did the same with PS Now.

Horizon Zero Dawn is currently expected to release on PC in summer 2020, so I wouldn’t expect Days Gone PC to launch before that date. However, since this information is far from an official announcement, it is possible that we might see an earlier release.

Days Gone released on PlayStation 4 on April 26th, 2019, so it appears that Sony is making plans for some sort of a PC-related announcement to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. As evident from its metacritic score, Days Gone wasn’t as well-received as some of the other PlayStation 4 exclusives. However, that¬† could change vastly as a PC release will allow a much larger audience to experience the survival horror.

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Days Gone PC Release Hinted As New Listing Goes Live on Amazon France

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