Days Gone Movie Reportedly in Production

According to reports, Days Gone will be the upcoming PlayStation series to receive a feature motion picture.

Deadline reports that Sheldon Turner, an Oscar nominee for his work on Up in the Air and X-Men: First Class, is collaborating with Sony’s PlayStation Productions division on the Days Gone film project.

With the screenplay reportedly being “a love hymn to motorbike movies,” Scottish actor Sam Heughan, well known for his appearances in Outlander and Bloodshot, is reportedly being considered for the lead role of Deacon St. John.

Days Gone has a rich storyline which makes its production much easier to implement. | Image: PlayStation

The movie hasn’t yet been given a release date, but Sony is already to ramp up its movie adaptations. The Last of Us will be adapted into an HBO TV series and a Gran Turismo feature picture in 2023. In addition, a movie for Ghost of Tsushima, a Netflix series for the Horizon games, and an Amazon TV series for God of War are in works. It goes without saying that Sony takes the live-action adaptations of their games very seriously.


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