Dauntless Releases a new Behemoth, and a new Faction in The Coming Storm

Phoenix Lab's new DLC for Duantless adds in new weapons, a new faction, behemoth, and more

Dauntless is an up and coming monster hunter RPG game that entered open beta not too long ago. You roam around alone or with a team and battle the behemoths that wander the land, and the game has actually amassed over two million players by this point in time.  But we’re past the launch of the beta, because today Phoenix Labs has released the first expansion for the game which is free to play all around, The Coming Storm.

The Coming Storm adds some serious game content, including a new behemoth that spans all the rest of them and makes them act weird and different when you’re around, the Koshai. How weird and different? Well it’s not really explained in great detail, to quote what Phoenix themselves say about it: “New Behemoths and deadly challenges are nothing new to the city of Ramsgate. But veteran Slayers and the scholars of the Orrery believe Koshai is more than just a new manifestation of aether’s destructive powers. If you’re going to get to the bottom of what’s going on, you’ll have to defeat the Sovereign itself.”

In addition to the new behemoth comes a new faction called the Ostia, which have brought with them new stories, quests, items, and weapons to purchase and will help the player defend the Shattered Isles. Specifically, the Ostian Repeaters are a new set of ranged weapons that do prove effective at a range but according to Phoenix, you’ll still “need to get your hands dirty”. The fun thing about Ostian Repeaters isn’t the range attack, but the way you can customize each repeater for your comfort. “The forges of Ramsgate are aglow with new patterns, melding Slayer savvy with Ostian ingenuity. Ostian repeaters are complex weapons that require specific materials to properly craft — materials that are currently difficult to find in Ramsgate’s immediate vicinity. Admiral Zai of the Ostian navy has requisitioned a steady supply of these key components, but it may be several weeks before help arrives from those quarters.”

And lastly, if acquiring those repeaters is too tedious of a task for you, Phoenix has offered a more immediate solution to your behemoth-sized problems: grenades. They don’t require complex machinery to craft and their explosions can even be customized. Like with the repeaters, you can stop by Admiral Zai to craft some.

The story for this DLC is that the Ostians were ambushed by Koshai and were forced to take refuge in Ramsgate. However, that still leaves you with the problem of Koshai, so you have to take what you can get from your newfound friends and send that beast back to the aether storm it came from.

Dauntless is live in open beta and available to play for free now.

Indranil Chowdhury
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