Dark Souls Remastered ‘Visual Overhaul’ Mod Enhances Graphics

Dark Souls Remastered, which was released on Steam earlier this year, is a lot better than the original in more ways than one. While the graphics and visual effects were already good, a new mod that was released today takes it a step further. The ‘Visual Overhaul’ mod for Dark Souls Remastered touches up on numerous graphical settings, resulting in a prettier look.

Dark Souls Visual Overhaul

Created by Nexus Mods user Sborges98, the mod itself does not come with additional high resolution textures. Instead, Visual Overhaul reworks and improves many graphical settings, such as draw distance of shadows, lighting, and coloring correction in order to achieve its goal.

Dark Souls Remastered Mods
Visual Overhaul

The mod author shared a video highlighting and comparing the basic look of Dark Souls in-game with the modded version, check it out below:

“It seems like it was yesterday, but I’ve spent more than three months working on this mod,” says the mod creator. “I’m never been so tired, so after releasing it, I’ll take some time for myself.” 

In the showcase video, which shows almost 300 graphical comparisons, the modder discusses his progress, and the problems encountered throughout the development phase. The Visual Overhaul mod makes up for the lack of high resolution textures by enhancing the lighting, shadows and point light of the characters. The mod also modifies lighting of the Sunlight Maggot armor and arrows in all areas of the game. Particles emitted from breakable objects, and the lighting of torches and other light sources have been improved.

The Visual Overhaul mod, however, does not increase the level of detail or the field of view. There are other mods that you can install to remedy that, such as Evie Schwab’s 4K ultra HD texture. The Visual Overhaul mod for Dark Souls Remastered can be downloaded for free from Nexus Mods.

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Dark Souls Remastered ‘Visual Overhaul’ Mod Enhances Graphics

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