Dark Souls 3 Next-Gen Xbox Patch Coming Soon?

Dark Souls 3 is one of FromSoftware’s biggest releases, and the game performed well both critically and financially. Although for players jumping into the game now, the title might seem a bit dated given the lack of next-gen updates. The PS4 Pro and PS5 versions are unlocked and hit 60fps quite easily, sadly the Xbox consoles starting from the One X still run the 30fps version, although this might change soon.

As noticed by Twitter user @MilesDompier, the Xbox Italia team recently put up an “FPS Boost” story with the Dark Souls 3 cover art, possibly indicating a performance patch for the next-gen Xbox consoles. Honestly, this is long due as the game hasn’t received a performance patch since the base Xbox One version.

This can also be a publishing mistake on Xbox’s part, although it’s unlikely since the PlayStation consoles already have the 60fps mode unlocked, and it shouldn’t be a lot of work to do it on Xbox. Extra points if they manage to increase the resolution, which is capped at 720p presently.


Farhan Ali

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