Chrome for Windows 10 and MacOS is Ready to Join the Dark Game

Google Chrome is currently testing out a dark mode for Windows 10 and macOS and it might be rolled out as early as April this year.

The Windows 10 users will now be able to manually enable dark mode as a result of a recent update to Chrome Canary browser. Right now the update might not be available to all the users as it is gradually being rolled out to the Chrome Canary users. The installation will allow the Chrome Canary build to comply with your dark or light settings for Windows 10. The fact that you can dynamically turn on and off the dark mode is the best part about the update. Chrome automatically adjusts to match the system-wide theme on macOS or Windows 10.

Chrome’s Dark Mode

Well! Chrome’s dark mode still seems to be in the development stages. It is yet to be seen that when the feature is expected to be rolled out to millions of users around the world. Also, its still unclear how the dark mode for Chrome will be introduced by Google. The tech giant is obviously looking for the best way to release the feature on Windows 10 and macOS.

The dark mode feature was first confirmed by those Twitter and Reddit users who are using the Chrome v.74 browser in the current Canary builds. Peter Kasting, Google’s software engineer confirmed that the dark mode for the desktop is currently in development stages, by sharing the news on Reddit.

You can observe a darker chrome border, context menu and even darker chrome borders as soon as the dark mode is enabled. The Chrome 74 is expected to release in April this year and it’s pretty much possible that it is going to be equipped with the dark theme. The feature can either makes its way to the stable channel in the upcoming release for Chrome 74 or Chrome plans to roll it out later at any point. Anyhow it’s a good improvement to look forward to in the popular browser.

How to enable the dark theme in Google Chrome?

Dark mode for Chrome
Courtesy: TechDows

You need to navigate to the Windows 10 settings menu in order to enable the system-wide dark theme. The option to choose the default app mode is available in Settings > Personalization > Colours. You will see that your Chrome browser will automatically match the look of your browser by switching to the dark theme. But there is a restriction for the users that they can’t continue to use Chrome’s light version if the system-wide dark mode is enabled at the backend.

Google Chrome is slowly moving towards joining the dark game by slowly updating all its apps. The aim is to make these apps retina friendly in order to avoid strain on the user’s eyes. Although, there is no official announcement from Microsoft about its release still it appears to be rolled out sooner than expected. The feature is currently being experimented so it is obvious to expect some bugs along with it. These glitches are expected to be addressed in the final rollout.

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