Cyberpunk 2077 QA Contractor Allegedly Responsible for Launch Failure

A report published back in June 2022 by Upper Echelon Gamers said that the responsibility for a considerable proportion of Cyberpunk 2077‘s launch failure may be laid at the feet of Quantic Lab. This Romanian firm had been hired to undertake quality assurance testing for the game. Recently, a new report has surfaced that somewhat supports these allegations. 

Upper Echelon Gamers said that the quality assurance contractor, Quantic Lab, located in Romania, lied to CD Projekt Red about the credentials and expertise of the QA testers that it supplied for Cyberpunk 2077. 

According to the report, the company instructed its staff members to submit a certain number of bugs daily, implying that the developer may have overlooked major issues while addressing smaller ones. It was initially reported that Quantic Lab promised CD Projekt a team of seasoned testers but instead provided the Polish developer with junior testers with less than a year of experience.

From a team of 30 people (initially assigned to Cyberpunk 2077), I think only 10 of them had experience in QA. None of the ‘experienced’ testers had more than a year.”

The latest report showcases eight current and two former workers of Quantic Lab claiming that the company’s management has repeatedly deceived its customers about the number and expertise of its staff.

According to the allegation, Quantic Lab was also working on NBA 2K21 simultaneously, which led to a strain on the company’s resources and staff due to the increased demand for their services.

The report goes on to add that management of the Romanian firm made it clear to workers that they were not to discuss their experience when they were interacting with CD Projekt staff. The developer is said to have spoken with Quantic Lab many times about the quality assurance team’s subpar performance.

You could get the impression from reading these reports that CDPR engaged a business that turned out to be relatively ineffective, but that is not the case.

Quantic employees have previously played and evaluated various games, a wide variety of games including The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Necromunda Hired Gun, Cities Skylines, and more.

Similar to how speedrunners try to “break” a game after it has been released, testers got access to development versions of these games and analyzed them for bugs and potential challenges. There has been no word on the issue on any official forum. However, we will keep you updated if something comes up.

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