Cyberpunk 2077 Full Map Featuring Night City Has Leaked Online

A closer look at the six districts of Night City

Someone has just leaked the entire map of Cyberpunk 2077. The map is in physical form, and it focuses on the entire city of Night City along with its six districts.

Cyberpunk 2077 Map
Cyberpunk Map

The map looks very dense, and clearly, there are a huge amount of buildings, roads, and bridges. This image is just centered around Night City and its six regions. The actual map is quite huge, and we haven’t seen the full of it. There is another map picture, which expands on this one but it is more zoomed out.

Cyberpunk 2077 Map
Much Bigger Map Cyberpunk 2077

This map above isn’t complete either, but it does give us a sort of suggestion that the majority of land outside Night City is barren.

Further, do not criticize this map as small. That is to say, this map does not feature a scale that can give us a clue on how the map size will compare in actual gameplay. Further, if you compare a few places from the trailer to this map. You’ll notice that the actual places are significantly huge.

Here is a picture of Badlands from the game, that is right next to Santa Domingo and below Pacifica on the map.

Badlands – Cyberpunk 2077

Another example would be the HQ of Arasaka, which is located In the City Centre under Corpo Plaza.

Arasaka HQ

The map won’t be bigger than that of Witcher 3, but CD Projekt says it is more compact and dense. CD Projekt additionally said that the distinction between Witcher 3’s map and Cyberpunk’s is that, in Witcher 3 players use Geralt to roam around, which takes a ton of time and eventually everything looks very enormous to them. In Cyberpunk though, players will use various advanced vehicles that will allow them to get across the map In few minutes.


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