Cyberpsychosis Has Finally Been Added by Modders to Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, players may customize their character with various Cyberware Implants. As a result, these characters can better operate and achieve their objectives. The game focuses heavily on these, and the number of implants you may add to your suit has little to no negative impact. This is even though cyberpsychosis can develop when a person is overstretched with augmentations.

In spite of all this, V seems to be immune to the disease. Though there are several theories to explain why V is protected from this, game developer Mike Pondsmith has provided one explanation: Johnny Silverhand’s presence in his mind serves as a shield.

To counter this, modders have created something awe-inspiring for everyone who has ever wanted to risk cyberpsychosis while playing Cyberpunk 2077. They programmed cyber psychosis into the game, so if you’re not careful, you may end up completely cyber-psycho.

The mod, made by DJ Kovrik, allows users to add a Humanity stat to their character, which decreases as a result of the player installing implants and killing NPCs. Several Humanity thresholds will impact your character, including Glitches, Pre-Psychosis, and Cyberpsychosis.

Glitches cause minor visual distortions and add a critical damage debuff; it is best to sleep at this point. Pre-Psychosis increases graphical glitches and adds a critical chance debuff. It also slightly increases the likelihood that Cyberpsychosis will occur. Cyberpsychosis launches the most severe visual glitches and increases your movement speed, armor value, and life regeneration. If your character is not in an interior or hazardous region, it automatically spawns cops.

Neuroblockers, however, may be used to avoid any low Humanity penalties. The new inhaler stops low Humanity side effects and prevents the loss of Humanity points while it is in use. You may purchase it from a few Ripperdocs, and some medical supply stores have also included the Neuroblockers crafting formula. 

To learn more about this mod, head over to NexusMods’ official website.

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